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Chemical Compound Review

Thiopropane     methylsulfanylmethane

Synonyms: methylsulfide, Dimethylsulfid, Thiobismethane, Exact-S, REDUCED-DMSO, ...
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Disease relevance of methylsulfanylmethane


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Chemical compound and disease context of methylsulfanylmethane


Biological context of methylsulfanylmethane

  • Four structurally related chemicals (acetone, di-n-butylsulfoxide, dimethylsulfide, methylphenylsulfoxide) did not show umu gene expression at their non-toxic doses [12].
  • Complementation of Dfi74J with an sfnR-expressing plasmid led to restoration of its growth on DMS, DMSO and DMSO(2) [13].
  • Measurements were made of bromocarbons (CHBr3 and CH2Br2), iodocarbons (CH2I2 and CH2ClI), and dimethylsulfide (DMS, CH3SCH3) in seawater collected from the Bay of Bengal under tropical stratified conditions [14].
  • Through a global data analysis, we found that DMS concentrations are highly positively correlated with the solar radiation dose in the upper mixed layer of the open ocean, irrespective of latitude, plankton biomass, or temperature [15].
  • A new reagent (HF: dimethylsulfide, 1:3, v/v) provides an SN2 cleavage mechanism that removes the danger of carbocation formation and suppresses the electrophilic alkylation side reaction [16].

Anatomical context of methylsulfanylmethane


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Gene context of methylsulfanylmethane


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of methylsulfanylmethane


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