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Chemical Compound Review

Pentanes     pentane

Synonyms: Pentanen, Tetrakil, PENTANE, Pentani, Tetrafume, ...
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Disease relevance of pentane


Psychiatry related information on pentane

  • n-Pentane (CAS no. 109-6-0) is a hydrocarbon solvent with an estimated production volume of 50000 metric tons in Europe. The present work was carried out to strengthen the toxicological information available for regulatory decision-making, particularly product classification, occupational exposure limits and risk assessment [3].

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Biological context of pentane


Anatomical context of pentane


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Gene context of pentane

  • Dimethyl gold complexes bonded to partially dehydroxylated MgO powder calcined at 673 K were synthesized by adsorption of Au(CH3)2(acac) (acac is C5H7O2) from n-pentane solution [23].
  • n-Pentane. CAS# 109-66-0 [24].
  • Milk fat was isolated by centrifugation followed by clean-up of the fat with n-pentane, removal of the fat on a 33% H2SO4 silica column, and determination of Ah receptor agonist activity with the CALUX-bioassay [25].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of pentane

  • Treatment of the bis(phosphanyl)amide (Ph2P)2NH with KH in boiling THF followed by crystallization from THF/n-pentane leads to [K(thf)n][N(PPh2)2] (n = 1.25, 1.5) [26].
  • FTIR spectroscopy in reflection mode combined with a focal plane array (FPA) detector was employed for high-throughput screening of activity of catalysts in n-pentane hydroisomerization [27].
  • The method involves an extraction from alkaline solution with n-pentane, and a quantitative determination by gas chromatography using an internal standard and a nitrogen-sensitive detector [28].
  • The K vitamins were extracted with n-pentane from enzymatic hydrolysate of milk, purified by semipreparative HPLC, and then analyzed by reversed-phase HPLC equipped with a dual electrochemical detector [29].
  • The Raman spectroscopy of n-pentane was investigated in a Moissanite anvil cell from 0.07 GPa to 4.77 GPa at ambient temperature [30].


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