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Chemical Compound Review

Buformin     2-butyl-1- (diaminomethylidene)guanidine

Synonyms: Glybigid, Biforon, Buformina, Buformine, Butformin, ...
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Disease relevance of Butylbiguanide


High impact information on Butylbiguanide

  • Buformin concentrations in serum, other body fluids and tissues were measured by gas chromatography [1].
  • Serum buformin concentration at admission was 5.5 mg/l. Postmortem concentrations were: in serum 3.2 mg/l; in lung 2.8 mg/kg wet weight; in heart 3.0 mg/kg; in pericardial fluid 3.5 mg/l; in liver 5.2 mg/kg; in bile 6.3 mg/l; and in kidney 98 mg/kg [1].
  • Effects of buformin on the metabolsim of the isolated haemoglobin-free perfused hindlimb of normal rats [5].
  • Furthermore, the extent of the increase in blood lactate caused by three different biguanides (metformin, buformin, and phenformin) was compared with the abilities to reduce oxygen consumption in isolated rat hepatocytes [6].
  • A comparison of these benzimidoylpyrazoles with classical standards (tolazamide, phenformin, and buformin) in several experimental models show that these compounds seem to combine in one molecule some of the biological activities of the beta-cytotrophic sulfonylureas and some of the activities of the biguanides [7].

Chemical compound and disease context of Butylbiguanide


Biological context of Butylbiguanide


Anatomical context of Butylbiguanide


Associations of Butylbiguanide with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Butylbiguanide


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Butylbiguanide


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