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Chemical Compound Review

CENTCHROMAN     1-[2-[4-[(3R,4R)-7-methoxy- 2,2-dimethyl-3...

Synonyms: Centron, Saheli, Centchroman-l, Choice 7, Compound 67-20, ...
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Anatomical context of CENTCHROMAN

  • Additional experiments were conducted to determine the levels of MMP2 activity in uterus explants from ovariectomized rats following 2 wk of treatment with E, Ral, or one of two additional SERMs: lasofoxifene, and levormeloxifene [6].
  • Excretion of centchroman in breast milk [13].
  • Recovery of normal blastocysts from rats treated continuously with this dose of centchroman at these intervals suggests lack of significant effect on follicular maturation, ovulation, fertilization, preimplantation development or mating behaviour.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[14]
  • A single oral administration of centchroman (1.25 mg/kg) to adult female rats within 24 h of mating induced slight acceleration in the rate of transport of embryos through the oviducts [15].
  • The mean residence time of centchroman was highest in the liver (78.4 hr), followed by the uterus (72.7 hr), adipose tissue (47.5 hr), lung (46 hr), spleen (44.1 hr), and plasma (37.7 hr) [11].

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