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Chemical Compound Review

Aminoimidazole     3H-imidazol-4-amine

Synonyms: PubChem19885, SureCN72511, SureCN164378, AG-K-81480, CHEBI:16607, ...
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Disease relevance of Aminoimidazole


High impact information on Aminoimidazole


Chemical compound and disease context of Aminoimidazole


Biological context of Aminoimidazole


Anatomical context of Aminoimidazole

  • PURPOSE: The aim of the present work is to describe the inhibitory properties of LY301875 and LY303336, two polysubstituted 4-aminoimidazole AT1 receptor antagonists, on CHO cells expressing human recombinant AT1 receptors [15].
  • Either saline, 5 mM 8-bromo-5'-AMP (tributyryl-AMP), or 30 mM N6, 2', 3'-tributyryl-5'-AMP (tributyryl-AMP), 5 mM 5-amino-4-imidazole carboxamide riboside (AICAr) as a positive reference, was infused at 0.1 ml/kg/min in the left femoral vein throughout the experiment [16].

Associations of Aminoimidazole with other chemical compounds

  • We have cloned and sequenced the Schizosaccharomyces pombe ade10 gene encoding 5-phosphoribosyl-4-carboxamide 5-aminoimidazole transformylase inosine monophosphate cyclohydrolase [17].
  • The purK and pur6 from these organisms are responsible for the activity of 5'-phosphoribosyl- 5-amino-4-imidazole carboxylase which is involved in de novo purine biosynthesis [18].
  • Derepression requires the transcriptional activators Bas1 and Pho2, as well as the biosynthetic intermediates 5'-phosphoribosyl-4-succinocarboxamide-5-aminoimidazole (SAICAR) and 5'-phosphoribosyl-4-carboxamide- 5-aminoimidazole (AICAR) [19].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Aminoimidazole


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