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Chemical Compound Review

Divascol     2-benzyl-4,5-dihydro-1H- imidazole

Synonyms: Benzolin, Imidalin, Prefaxil, Pridazole, Priscol, ...
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Disease relevance of Priscoline


Psychiatry related information on Priscoline

  • In contrast, inhibition of the colonic phasic and tonic motor activity by alpha 2-adrenoceptor stimulation was reversed competitively by tolazoline [5].

High impact information on Priscoline


Chemical compound and disease context of Priscoline


Biological context of Priscoline

  • The density of "specific" [3H]idazoxan binding sites (defined by 100 microM tolazoline) was twice as high as that of [3H]rauwolscine in rat kidney and four times as high as that of [3H]yohimbine in human kidney [14].
  • Production of pulmonary vasodilation by tolazoline, independent of nitric oxide production in neonatal lambs [11].
  • It is possible that changes associated with the elevated heart rate (e.g., less cardiac filling) in tolazoline-treated animals resulted in greater susceptibility to microwave-induced heating and the lower survival time [15].
  • The effects of tolazoline on the distribution of cardiac output in normoxemic and hypoxemic lambs [16].
  • The average neonatal pharmacokinetics predict that each 1 mg of tolazoline HCl per kilogram pulse dose will increase the plasma concentration of tolazoline base by 0.5 mg/L [17].

Anatomical context of Priscoline


Associations of Priscoline with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Priscoline


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Priscoline


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