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Gene context of Perilymph

  • Taken together, the data suggest that the Ad.IL-1ra-infected cochlear cells synthesized the transgenic human IL-1ra protein, which was then secreted by the cells into the perilymph, resulting in an accelerated neuronal degeneration in hair cell-depleted ears [26].
  • These results suggest that GLAST plays an important role in keeping the concentration of glutamate in the perilymph at a nontoxic level during acoustic overstimulation [27].
  • BDNF or artificial perilymph (AP) was delivered continuously for 28 days [28].
  • The perilymph contains antibody, presumably derived from the systemic circulation and CSF, which would allow for neutralization and help with opsonization and complement fixation [29].
  • An attempt was made to use beta 2-transferrin, as well as apo D and apo J (NA1/NA2), as markers for the diagnosis of perilymph fistula, one of the most controversial and challenging problems for the otologist today [30].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Perilymph


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