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Chemical Compound Review

Ecdysterone     (2S,3R,5R,9R,10R,13R,14S,17S)- 2,3,14...

Synonyms: Ekdisten, Ecdysteron, Commisterone, Crustecdyson, Crustecdysone, ...
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Biological context of Ecdysterone


Anatomical context of Ecdysterone


Associations of Ecdysterone with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Ecdysterone

  • Exposure of the mature larval epidermis to 20-OH-ecdysone caused a rapid accumulation of DDC transcripts [19].
  • It is proposed that the activity of the 20-OH-ecdysone inducible puff 74EF leads to a switch in the synthesis of a transcription factor [20].
  • We identified in Dictyostelium a gene snwA containing a region of similarity to SH2 domains of higher eukaryotes. snwA is homologous to a novel human gene SNW1 and to Bx42 from Drosophila melanogaster, a gene coding for a chromatin binding protein responsive to 20-OH-ecdysone. snwA has one mRNA transcript of an approximate size of 2.5 kb [21].
  • These results are discussed in terms of a model in which beta-ecdysone affects the distribution of tubulin in "assembly-active" and "assembly-inactive" pools [22].
  • Ecdysterone increases the level of the P1 transcript, but not of the P6 transcript, in ecdysterone-deficient ecd1 larvae [23].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Ecdysterone


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