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Chemical Compound Review

Cocethyline     ethyl (2R,3S)-8-methyl-3...

Synonyms: cocaethylene, coca-ethylene, SureCN1649961, LS-22523, BRN 6117763, ...
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Disease relevance of Cocaethyline


Psychiatry related information on Cocaethyline

  • These data indicate that, in this paradigm, cocaethylene did not selectively modify cocaine's reinforcing potency, but there appear to be individual differences with respect to ethanol's ability to stimulate rates of drug-maintained responding [5].
  • These findings suggest that cocaethylene may play a role in the morbidity and mortality associated with concurrent cocaine/alcohol abuse [6].
  • As expected both routes of cocaethylene administration produced an increase in locomotor activity compared to saline-vehicle rats, with no differences between i.v. or i.p. routes with respect to duration of behavioral activation [7].
  • Taken together, these findings indicate that cocaethylene has neuroendocrine properties on its own, targeting a critical region of the brain that regulates stressful events in the body [7].
  • Cocaethylene produced marked locomotor and exploratory behaviors in this strain, suggesting therefore that Long-Evans and Sprague-Dawley rat differ in their response to cocaethylene [8].

High impact information on Cocaethyline


Chemical compound and disease context of Cocaethyline

  • The present study investigated the toxicity of repeated subcutaneous cocaine administrations combined with oral doses of ethanol, and discussed the role of the toxic metabolite cocaethylene [11].

Biological context of Cocaethyline


Anatomical context of Cocaethyline


Associations of Cocaethyline with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Cocaethyline


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Cocaethyline


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