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Gene Review

Foxj1  -  forkhead box J1

Mus musculus

Synonyms: FKHL-13, Fkhl13, Forkhead box protein J1, Forkhead-related protein FKHL13, HFH-4, ...
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Disease relevance of Foxj1


High impact information on Foxj1

  • One of these mammalian family members, HNF-3/fork head homolog-4 (HFH-4), was isolated by PCR amplification of rodent brain cDNA and exhibits abundant expression in the adult bronchiolar epithelium [6].
  • The winged helix transcription factor HFH-4 is expressed during choroid plexus epithelial development in the mouse embryo [6].
  • We used in vitro DNA-binding site selection with recombinant HFH-4 protein and determined that the HFH-4 protein recognizes the DNA consensus sequences HWDTGTTTGTTTA or KTTTGTTGTTKTW (where H is not G, W is A or T, D is not C, and K is G or T) [6].
  • In support of these binding studies, cotransfection assays show that HFH-4 potentiates expression of the HNF-3alpha and clara cell secretory protein promoter regions [6].
  • The unique temporal and spatial pattern of HFH-4 gene expression in the developing lung defines this protein as a marker for the initiation of bronchial epithelial cell differentiation and suggests that it may play an important role in cell fate determination during lung development [7].

Biological context of Foxj1


Anatomical context of Foxj1


Regulatory relationships of Foxj1

  • In vitro, Sox17 inhibited Sftpc and enhanced Foxj1 promoter activity, consistent with its expression in proximal airway cells [13].
  • Previous studies suggest that the forkhead transcription factor Foxj1 inhibits spontaneous autoimmunity in part by antagonizing NF-kappaB activation [3].

Other interactions of Foxj1


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Foxj1

  • Foxj1 deficiency resulted in multiorgan systemic inflammation, exaggerated Th1 cytokine production, and T cell proliferation in autologous mixed lymphocyte reactions [17].
  • The morphology of the lungs from SP-C/HFH-4 embryos (day 18 postconception) was distinctly abnormal, and the severity of the alterations correlated with the level of transgene expression as detected by in situ hybridization [12].
  • RT-PCR revealed an absence of left-right dynein (lrd) expression in the embryonic lungs of hfh-4(-)/- mice, suggesting that HFH-4 may act by regulating expression of members of the dynein family of genes [18].
  • HNF-3/forkhead homologue-4 (HFH-4), a transcription factor of the winged-helix/forkhead family, was detected by immunohistochemistry in tissue of the developing mouse [16].


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