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Gene Review

Stx4a  -  syntaxin 4A (placental)

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Stx4, Syn-4, Syn4, Syntaxin-4
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Disease relevance of Stx4a


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Biological context of Stx4a


Anatomical context of Stx4a


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Physical interactions of Stx4a

  • Membrane-bound Mlgl from MDCK cell lysates was coimmunoprecipitated with syntaxin 4, a component of the exocytic machinery at the basolateral membrane, but not with other plasma membrane soluble N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive factor attachment receptor (SNARE) proteins that are either absent from or not restricted to the basolateral membrane domain [15].
  • This is the first localization of SNAP-23 within a polarized tissue and suggests that this t-SNAREs may interact with syntaxin-4 to mediate basolateral secretion [16].

Enzymatic interactions of Stx4a


Other interactions of Stx4a


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Stx4a

  • Furthermore, reduction in syntaxin 4 protein levels in this tissue can account for the impairment in whole-body insulin-stimulated glucose metabolism in this animal model [3].
  • In addition, immunoprecipitation of the expressed syntaxin 4 cytoplasmic domain resulted in an insulin-stimulated increase in the coimmunoprecipitation of GLUT4-containing vesicles [2].
  • Moreover, immunofluorescent confocal microscopy revealed that Syntaxin 4 was principally localized to the beta-cells and not the alpha-cells of the mouse islet [9].
  • Full-length munc18c(1-592), munc18c(1-139) and munc18c(1-225), but not munc18c(226-592), munc18c(1-100), munc18c(43-139) or munc18c(66-139), interacted with the cytoplasmic portion of syntaxin 4, Stx4(2-273), as assessed by yeast two-hybrid assay of growth on nutritionally deficient media and by beta-galactosidase reporter induction [20].


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