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Gene Review

Abcb4  -  ATP-binding cassette, subfamily B...

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: ATP-binding cassette sub-family B member 4, Mdr2, Multidrug resistance protein 2, Multidrug resistance protein 3, P-glycoprotein 2, ...
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Disease relevance of Abcb4


High impact information on Abcb4

  • RESULTS: In diabetic rats, hepatic gene and protein expression of the multidrug resistance P-glycoprotein type 2 (Mdr2) were increased by 105% and 530%, respectively, associated with increased biliary phospholipid output (+520%) and phospholipid/bile salt ratio (+77%) [3].
  • Mdr2((-/-)) mice do not secrete phospholipids and cholesterol into bile, and bile salt secretion is not impaired [4].
  • BACKGROUND & AIMS: Endotoxin lipopolysaccharide (LPS) induces cholestasis and down-regulates the multidrug resistance protein 2 (MRP2) [5].
  • Dexamethasone counteracted the LPS effects on MRP2 mRNA levels, subcellular distribution, and BSP excretion [5].
  • CONCLUSIONS: LPS induces cholestasis due to an early retrieval of MRP2 from the canalicular membrane, whereas down-regulation of MRP2 mRNA is a later event [5].

Chemical compound and disease context of Abcb4


Biological context of Abcb4

  • Cholestasis induces down-regulation of multidrug resistance protein 2 (Mrp2, symbol Abcc2), which is localized to the canalicular membrane [8].
  • In summary, the increase in Mrp2 protein after microsomal enzyme induction is responsible for increased biliary DBSP excretion [9].
  • Transient transfection assays with reporter vectors containing unidirectionally deleted 5'-flanking regions using H4IIE cells indicate that two different sequences of 17 and 37 bases comprising a Y-Box and a GC-Box are required for mrp2 gene basal expression [2].
  • To further examine the substrate specificity of Mrp2, we examined the effects of bile acid sulfates on the biliary excretion of phenolphthalein sulfate in rats [10].
  • (2) Bsep- and Mrp2-specific vesicles participate in the short-term osmoregulation of canalicular secretion, however, a cause-effect relationship between bile salt excretion and transporter localization remains to be established [11].

Anatomical context of Abcb4

  • Our results indicate that phalloidin induces marked alterations of the hepatocyte canalicular architecture and a loss of Mrp2 together with other proteins from the canalicular membrane [1].
  • Confocal immunofluorescent microscopy showed asynchronous appearance of Bsep and Mrp2 proteins during development but their colocalization in the bile canaliculi once each one is expressed [12].
  • Expression and immunolocalization of multidrug resistance protein 2 in rabbit small intestine [13].
  • The present study demonstrates exclusive localization of Mrp2 to the brush-border (apical) membrane of villi, decreasing in intensity from the villus tip to the crypts [13].
  • In immunoblot analysis of crude membranes of various rabbit tissues, Mrp2 was only found in small intestine, kidney and liver [13].

Associations of Abcb4 with chemical compounds


Other interactions of Abcb4

  • Furthermore, in vivo administration of AAF, which maximally induces PGP does not induce MRP2 [16].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Abcb4


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