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Gene Review

Cstb  -  cystatin B (stefin B)

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: Cst6, Cyb, Cystatin-B, Cystatin-beta, Epm1, ...
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Disease relevance of Cstb

  • To understand the bone resorption and lysosomal proteinases in osteoclasts, we examined by immunohistochemistry the localization of lysosomal cysteine and aspartic proteinases, acid phosphatase, and cystatin-beta in the rat tibial bone [1].
  • Materials and methods Thirty-two adult, female Wistar EPM-1 rats (body weight 200-220 g) were divided into four equal groups that underwent; group 1, no treatment (controls); group 2, a sham operation; group 3, antrectomy; and group 4, antrocystoplasty [2].
  • Sixteen male Wistar rats (EPM-1) were submitted to an 80% small bowel resection associated with a partial colectomy of the distal colon immediately after the bifurcation of the middle colic artery followed by a 3-cm isoperistaltic distal colon interposition [3].

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Biological context of Cstb

  • Mice with a gene deletion of CSTB exhibit increased apoptosis of specific neurons but the physiological role of CSTB in brain cells is not fully understood [7].
  • For the MN assay, the cytokinesis block induced by cytochalasin B (CYB) was employed to enumerate MN in binucleated (BN) cells [8].
  • To analyze the degradation system in epidermal cells during their generation, differentiation, and cell death, immunocytochemical localization of lysosomal cysteine and aspartic proteinases, an endogenous cysteine proteinase inhibitor, cystatin beta, and ubiquitin were examined using rat sole skin [9].

Anatomical context of Cstb

  • CSTB was expressed by both neurons and glial cells differentiated from NSC and in hippocampal cultures [7].
  • In the present study, we have examined the expression of CSTB in neural stem cells (NSC) and in differentiating mature brain cells [7].
  • CSTB localized mainly to the nucleus in NSC and in neurons, whilst in astrocytes CSTB was also in the cytoplasm [7].
  • Double labeling showed that CSTB was present in the lysosomes in glial cells [7].
  • A new stefin B-type low-Mr CPI was isolated from bovine thymus and subjected to structural analysis [10].

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