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Gene Review

Tnfrsf11b  -  tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily...

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: Opg, Osteoprotegerin, Tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily member 11B
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Disease relevance of Tnfrsf11b


High impact information on Tnfrsf11b

  • Morphometric analysis revealed that the addition of PTH to PEG sTNFRI or OPG resulted in higher bone volume and higher osteoblast numbers in both AIA and CIA [5].
  • Analysis of bone erosion revealed a significant bone-sparing effect of monotherapy with PEG sTNFRI or OPG in both models, whereas IL-1Ra was only effective in CIA [5].
  • Osteoprotegerin (a decoy receptor for RANK ligand) did not significantly alter the effects of UDP on NF-kappaB localization or osteoclast survival, consistent with a direct action [6].
  • A decoy receptor for RANKL, osteoprotegerin, (OPG) impinges on this system and regulates osteoclast numbers and activity [1].
  • After induction of CIA in Dark Agouti rats, test animals were treated with or without Fc-OPG (3 mg/kg/day) subcutaneously for 5 days, beginning at the onset of disease [1].

Chemical compound and disease context of Tnfrsf11b

  • In this study we show that the inhibition of bone resorption by treatment with the hormone calcitonin, the cytokine osteoprotegerin, or the drug alendronate, completely inhibits the generation of the fetuin-mineral complex in response to etidronate injection [7].
  • Therefore, we conclude that doses of osteoprotegerin that inhibit bone resorption are able to potently inhibit the calcification of arteries that is induced by warfarin treatment and by vitamin D treatment [8].

Biological context of Tnfrsf11b

  • Inhibition of osteoclastogenesis by the secretion of osteoprotegerin in vitro by rat dental follicle cells and its implications for tooth eruption [9].
  • Previous studies had shown that PKC-alpha gene expression is downregulated at the time (Day 3) that OPG expression is downregulated [4].
  • CONCLUSIONS: In the early stages of arthritis, synovial RANKL is closely involved in osteoclastogenesis, and various changes in synovial cytokines, including down-regulation of OPG, probably accelerate osteoclast formation [10].
  • To test this hypothesis, we examined the effects of substrate microarchitecture on production of osteoprotegerin (OPG) and receptor activator of nuclear factor kappa B ligand (RANKL), which have been identified as a key regulatory system of bone remodeling [11].
  • Expression of mRNA for osteoprotegerin and receptor activator of nuclear factor kappa beta ligand (RANKL) during root resorption induced by the application of heavy orthodontic forces on rat molars [12].

Anatomical context of Tnfrsf11b


Associations of Tnfrsf11b with chemical compounds

  • Immunohistochemical observation also showed that 2,2'-(hydroxynitrosohydrazino)bis-ethanamine increased OPG expression of osteochondral cells located at metaphyseal endosteum and calcified cartilage of proximal femurs in ovariectomized rats [14].
  • We further show that phorbol myristate acetate, an activator of protein kinase C, activated the secretion of OPG [15].
  • MATERIALS AND METHODS: Osteogenic differentiation was induced in hMSCs cultured in maintenance medium (MM) by addition of ascorbate, beta-glycerophosphate, and dexamethasone (ODM) and was assessed by measuring alkaline phosphatase activity, expression of osteopontin, osteoprotegerin, RANKL, and mineralization [16].
  • The ORX-induced increase in urinary deoxypyridinoline (DPD) excretion was completely prevented by all doses of dried plum coinciding with down-regulation of gene expression for receptor activator of NFkappa-B ligand (RANKL) and osteoprotegerin (OPG) in the bone [17].
  • Changes in receptor activator of nuclear factor-kappaB, and its ligand, osteoprotegerin, bone-type alkaline phosphatase, and tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase in ovariectomized rats [18].

Regulatory relationships of Tnfrsf11b

  • Injection of phorbolmyristate acetate (PMA), an activator of protein kinase C (PKC) that in turn upregulates OPG expression, also delayed eruption by 1 day [4].

Other interactions of Tnfrsf11b

  • The co-expression of OPG and RANKL in the same bone cell types confirms their strictly coupled action in the regulation of bone metabolism [13].
  • In the bone marrow, RT-PCR did not clearly detect the expression of IL-6, RANKL or OPG mRNA [10].
  • RESULTS: When given acutely, both E(2) and the CR extract inhibited LH secretion and slightly stimulated gene expression of IGF-I, collagen-1alpha1, osteoprotegerin and osteocalcin (all osteoblast products), and of tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase (TRAP, an osteoclast product) in the metaphysis of the femur [19].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Tnfrsf11b


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