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Gene Review

OPN1LW  -  opsin 1 (cone pigments), long-wave...

Gallus gallus

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Disease relevance of OPN1LW

  • The results of previous immunocytochemical and electrophysiological studies of retinas of rd (retinal degeneration) chicks suggest that the iodopsin cone visual pigment may be defective in this mutant [1].

High impact information on OPN1LW


Biological context of OPN1LW


Anatomical context of OPN1LW

  • In the differentiating cones of the developing but immature chick retina, iodopsin immunoreactivity was found at the plasma membranes of both the IS and the terminals (pedicles) [8].
  • However, chicken iodopsin activated the enzyme in frog rod outer segment membrane without irradiation, while chicken rhodopsin did not [9].
  • The chicken retina has several types of cone photoreceptor cells, each of which contains a visual pigment, chicken red (iodopsin), green, blue or violet [10].
  • Monoclonal antibodies (mABs) from hybridoma cells were raised and screened with a purified cone pigment, iodopsin, from the chicken retina [11].

Associations of OPN1LW with chemical compounds


Other interactions of OPN1LW

  • We have purified and reconstituted both chicken rhodopsin and chicken iodopsin and shown them to be phosphorylated by bovine rhodopsin kinase [6].
  • The iodopsin and AANAT mRNA rhythms re-emerged in the cultured retinas within 24 h of removal of the compounds [16].
  • In this study, we compared mRNA levels of iodopsin and the chicken homolog of Clock (cClock) in the retinas of normal and rd (retinal degeneration) chickens that lack functional rod and cone phototransduction cascades [17].
  • To understand the origin of this opsin shift and the mechanism of wavelength regulation in iodopsin, a series of synthetic 9-cis and 11-cis dehydro- and dihydro-retinals was used to regenerate iodopsin-based pigments [18].
  • We compared the rhythmic changes in transcript levels of iodopsin, a photoreceptor-specific gene whose expression is regulated by circadian oscillators, in retinas of normal chickens and GUCY1*B (*B) chickens that carry a null mutation in GC1 [19].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of OPN1LW


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