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Gene Review

TNC  -  tenascin C

Gallus gallus

Synonyms: GMEM, JI, TN, TN-C
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Disease relevance of TNC


High impact information on TNC


Biological context of TNC


Anatomical context of TNC

  • An 8.0-kilobase message and a Mr 240,000 cytotactin polypeptide were present in embryonic gizzard but not brain, while a 7.2-kilobase message and a Mr 220,000 polypeptide were present in brain but not gizzard [7].
  • Moreover, innervation may regulate the relative amount and distribution of cytotactin both in muscle and in Schwann cells [8].
  • Peripheral nerve damage resulted in modulation of expression of cytotactin in both nerve and muscle, particularly among the interacting tissues during regeneration and reinnervation [8].
  • In an attempt to extend these observations to the peripheral nervous system, we have examined the distribution and localization of cytotactin in different parts of the normal and regenerating neuromuscular system [8].
  • In the normal neuromuscular system, cytotactin accumulated at critical sites of cell-cell interactions, specifically at the neuromuscular junction and the myotendinous junction, as well at the node of Ranvier (Rieger, F., J. K. Daniloff, M. Pinçon-Raymond, K. L. Crossin, M. Grumet, and G. M. Edelman. 1986. J. Cell Biol. 103:379-391) [8].

Associations of TNC with chemical compounds

  • Cytotactin is an extracellular glycoprotein that influences neuron-glia interactions [7].
  • Constructs containing fragments of the upstream region of the cytotactin gene fused to a promoterless gene for chloramphenicol acetyltransferase were transiently transfected into chicken embryo fibroblasts to define functional promoter sequences [1].
  • Slices of everted small intestine from TN and HS birds were used to study epithelial uptake of methyl labeled 14C-DLM by three transport pathways: diffusion, carrier-specific energy- and sodium-independent uptake (ESI), and carrier-specific energy- and sodium-dependent uptake (ESD) [9].

Physical interactions of TNC


Other interactions of TNC

  • Although cytotactin was identified as a molecule that mediates glia-neuron interactions, preliminary immunohistochemical localization of the molecule suggested that it was an ECM protein with a widespread but nonetheless more restricted distribution than either fibronectin or laminin [11].
  • Sciatic nerves of mouse mutants with defects in cell interactions showed abnormalities in the distribution patterns and amount of Ng-CAM, N-CAM, and cytotactin that were consistent with the known morphological nodal disorders [6].
  • An immunohistochemical study of the localization of cytotactin and cytotactin-binding (CTB) proteoglycan throughout embryonic development of the anuran Xenopus laevis reveals that both appear in a restricted pattern related to specific morphogenetic events [10].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of TNC


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