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Gene Review

Tnc  -  tenascin C

Mus musculus

Synonyms: AI528729, C130033P17Rik, Hexabrachion, Hxb, TN, ...
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Disease relevance of Tnc


Psychiatry related information on Tnc

  • Anxiety was evaluated by the "social interaction test." Ten behavioral categories were recorded: body care, digging, nonsocial exploration, exploration from a distance, social investigation, threat, attack, avoidance/flee, defense/submission and immobility [6].
  • RESULTS: Ten days of prior stress exposure did not significantly alter the acquisition of limited-access alcohol drinking [7].

High impact information on Tnc


Chemical compound and disease context of Tnc


Biological context of Tnc


Anatomical context of Tnc


Associations of Tnc with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of Tnc

  • The c-Jun-induced transformation process involves complex regulation of tenascin-C expression [28].

Regulatory relationships of Tnc


Other interactions of Tnc


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Tnc


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