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Gene Review

RDH5  -  retinol dehydrogenase 5 (11-cis/9-cis)

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: 11-cis RDH, 11-cis RoDH, 11-cis retinol dehydrogenase, 9-cis retinol dehydrogenase, 9cRDH, ...
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Disease relevance of RDH5

  • Our results suggest that mutant alleles in RDH5 are a cause of fundus albipunctatus, a rare form of stationary night blindness characterized by a delay in the regeneration of cone and rod photopigments [1].
  • We evaluated patients with hereditary retinal diseases featuring subretinal spots (retinitis punctata albescens and fundus albipunctatus) and patients with typical dominant or recessive retinitis pigmentosa for mutations in RDH5 [1].
  • Microarray and reverse transcriptase-PCR analyses revealed reduced expression of two retinoid biosynthesis genes: retinol dehydrogenase 5 (RDH5) and retinol dehydrogenase L (RDHL) in colon adenomas and carcinomas as compared with normal colon [2].
  • Consistent with the adenoma and carcinomas samples, seven colon carcinoma cell lines also lacked expression of RDH5 and RDHL [2].
  • PURPOSE: To identify the frequency of a mutation of the RDH5 gene in Japanese patients with hereditary retinal degeneration and to characterize clinical findings for the patients associated with a 1085delC/insGAAG mutation in the RDH5 gene [3].

High impact information on RDH5


Chemical compound and disease context of RDH5


Biological context of RDH5


Anatomical context of RDH5

  • The prototypic enzyme RDH5 and the related enzyme CRAD1 have been shown to face the lumen of the endoplasmic reticulum (ER), suggesting a compartmentalized synthesis of retinal [11].
  • Rdh5 mRNA expression was widespread in extra-ocular tissues with human liver (100% relative expression in extra-ocular tissues only) and mammary gland (97% relative to liver) showing the most intense signals [10].
  • Human fetal tissues also expressed Rdh5 with fetal liver showing the most intense expression among the fetal tissues (20%) [10].
  • Pathways in addition to 11-cis-RDH likely provide 11-cis-retinal for rods and cones and can maintain normal kinetics of visual recovery but only under certain constraints and less efficiently for cone than rod function [12].

Associations of RDH5 with chemical compounds

  • Altered kinetic parameters were observed for RDH5 oxidation of 11-cis-retinol bound to rCRALBP mutants M222A, M225A, and W244F, supporting impaired substrate carrier function [13].
  • Generation of double and triple knockouts will aid in determining if these retinol dehydrogenases are responsible for the remaining 11-cis-retinol oxidation observed in RDH5 knockout animals [14].
  • PATIENTS: We studied the ocular findings in 6 members of a Japanese family with fundus albipunctatus with cone dystrophy and a guanine-to-adenine transversion at the first nucleotide in codon 35 of the RDH5 gene [15].
  • The mutation resulted in a substitution of serine for glycine in amino acid 35 (Gly35Ser) of the RDH5 gene [15].
  • Protein structures were verified by amino acid analysis and mass spectrometry, retinoid binding properties were evaluated by UV-visible and fluorescence spectroscopy and substrate carrier functions were assayed for recombinant 11-cis-retinol dehydrogenase (rRDH5) [16].

Regulatory relationships of RDH5


Other interactions of RDH5


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of RDH5


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