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Gene Review

SHOX2  -  short stature homeobox 2

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Homeobox protein Og12X, OG12, OG12X, Paired-related homeobox protein SHOT, SHOT, ...
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Disease relevance of SHOX2

  • Based upon the expression pattern of its mouse cognate, OG12X represents a candidate for the blepharophimosis (BPES) and Cornelia de Lange syndromes previously mapped to this region [1].
  • CONCLUSIONS: The Hot Shot! approach to syphilis control can facilitate STD education, screening, and treatment of MSM while addressing comprehensive health issues [2].
  • GOAL: The New York City Department of Health & Mental Hygiene (NYC DOHMH) developed Hot Shot! to address a variety of general MSM health issues, including syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)/acquired immunodeficiency virus [2].
  • We report our results with 3 years survival rates in patients with HCC on cirrhosis treated with One Shot PEI [3].

Psychiatry related information on SHOX2

  • Two levels of shock intensity were evaluated: 3.5 milliamps (mA) delivered via the Self-Injurious Behavior Inhibiting System (SIBIS) and 18.5 mA delivered via the Hot Shot Power Mite [4].

High impact information on SHOX2

  • RESULTS: Patients with a history of psychosis showed significantly decreased relative numbers of DLX1-positive neurons compared with patients without history of psychosis and nonpsychiatric controls (P =.02), whereas no differences could be found in relative numbers of SHOX2-positive neurons (P>.15) [5].
  • Although this gene is absent from the mouse genome, the closely related paralogous gene Shox2 displays a similar expression pattern in developing limbs [6].
  • Here, we report that the conditional inactivation of Shox2 in developing appendages leads to a strong phenotype, similar to the human conditions, although it affects a different proximodistal limb segment [6].
  • SHOT was mapped to human chromosome 3q25-q26 and OG-12 within a syntenic region on chromosome 3 [7].
  • In situ hybridization of the mouse equivalent, OG-12, on sections from staged mouse embryos detected highly restricted transcripts in the developing sinus venosus (aorta), female genitalia, diencephalon, mes- and myelencephalon, nasal capsula, palate, eyelid, and in the limbs [7].

Biological context of SHOX2


Anatomical context of SHOX2

  • Shox is expressed in central regions of early chick limb buds and proximal two thirds of later limbs, whereas Shox2 is expressed more posteriorly in the proximal third of the limb bud [11].
  • The objective of this research was two-fold: First, to describe the normal and abnormal MR appearances of the duodenum using combined Half-Fourier Acquisition Single Shot RARE (HASTE) and gadolinium-enhanced standard and fat suppressed spoiled gradient echo (SGE) sequences [12].
  • AIM: The aim of the study is to evaluate the quality of the temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) imaging in patients with lack of condyle-disk coordination with the Half-Fourier Acquisition Single Shot Turbo Spin Echo (HASTE), and compare it with the quality of TSE T2-weighted images [13].

Associations of SHOX2 with chemical compounds

  • The household insecticides were, Black Flag (Ant and Roach Killer), Raid (Ant and Roach Killer) and Hot Shot (Wasp and Hornet Killer) containing propoxur, permethrin/pyrethrins and chlorpyrifos/allethrins as their active ingredients respectively [14].
  • Skin irritation was reduced by both corticosteroid sprays, with the fraction of subjects who experienced moderate irritation reduced by 57% and 43% for the Kenalog and Cortizone-10 Quick Shot sprays, respectively [15].
  • Preapplication of Kenalog or Cortizone-10 Quick Shot sprays significantly reduced skin irritation due to iontophoresis, and did not interfere with glucose measurements [15].
  • Kenalog (Westwood-Squibb Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Buffalo, NY) (triamcinolone acetonide) and Cortizone-10 Quick Shot (Pfizer, Inc., New York, NY) (hydrocortisone) sprays were selected and, in a double-masked, randomized, controlled trial, were applied to the forearms of 66 subjects with diabetes and allowed to dry [15].
  • OBJECTIVE: percutaneous ethanol injection (PEI) under general anesthesia (One Shot PEI) is a new therapy for large and multiple hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) by the injection of large amount of ethanol in the tumor [3].

Other interactions of SHOX2

  • A new human homeobox gene OGI2X is a member of the most conserved homeobox gene family and is expressed during heart development in mouse [1].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of SHOX2

  • Influenza vaccination. Shot down [16].
  • Five blood cardioplegia delivery systems (Gish Straight Shot, Sorin BCD Advanced, Avecor MYOtherm, Baxter-Bentley HE-30, and Baxter-Bentley HE-30 Gold) were evaluated with respect to ease of rapid priming, coefficient of heat exchange, pressure drop, bubble trap capacity, and priming volume [17].


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