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Disease relevance of Gonorrhea


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Chemical compound and disease context of Gonorrhea


Biological context of Gonorrhea


Anatomical context of Gonorrhea


Gene context of Gonorrhea

  • Based on different prime-boost protocols, we could polarize immune responses to predominantly Th1 or Th2, which should enable future studies of the types of immune responses that are protective in mouse models of gonorrhea [20].
  • A history of chlamydial infection (26.0%) and gonorrhea (13.0%) were more common in the SFM women than in either the COMP (16.0% and 3.0%) or the SSM (19.0% and 4.0%) groups [21].
  • Of the 31 remaining strains of other auxotypes isolated from patients with uncomplicated gonorrhea, 18 (58.1%) were sensitive to normal human sera in titers ranging from 2 to 2,048 [22].
  • Por1B gonococci bound chimpanzee C4bp and resisted killing by chimpanzee serum, providing insight into the host restriction of gonorrhea and addressing why Por1B strains, but not Por1A strains, have been successful in experimental chimpanzee infection [23].
  • Although both the AHU auxotype and protein IA serogroup were found to be associated with disseminated gonococcal infection, there was no direct correlation of IgA1 protease type with disseminated or with uncomplicated gonorrhea [24].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Gonorrhea



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