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Radial Nerve

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Disease relevance of Radial Nerve


Psychiatry related information on Radial Nerve

  • The present study attempted to independently assess age-related changes in the function of A delta- and C-nociceptive fibres by examining CO2 laser-induced thermal pain thresholds before, during and after a compression block of the superficial radial nerve in 15 young and 15 healthy elderly adult subjects [5].

High impact information on Radial Nerve

  • To investigate the underlying mechanisms, the effects of menthol versus ethanol on the dorsum of the hand were tested during A fibre conduction blockade of the superficial radial nerve in another 10 subjects [6].
  • Gonad-stimulating substance (GSS) secreted from radial nerves induces meiotic maturation of starfish oocytes by stimulating production of 1-methyladenine (1-MeAde) in ovarian follicle cells [7].
  • 5. Test stimuli delivered at 15 and 17 ms after radial nerve stimulation significantly inhibited EMG responses elicited in forearm flexor muscles by magnetic transcranial stimulation [8].
  • 2. The radial nerve was stimulated to evoke presynaptic inhibition of the monosynaptic Ia projections to forearm flexor motoneurones (Berardelli, Day, Marsden & Rothwell, 1987) and, hopefully, of the afferent input to propriospinal-like neurones projecting to these motoneurones [9].
  • 1. The field potentials evoked in the cerebellar cortical c1 zone by single-pulse, non-noxious stimulation of the superficial radial nerve have been recorded with tungsten-in-glass microelectrodes in awake cats [10].

Biological context of Radial Nerve


Anatomical context of Radial Nerve

  • 1. Climbing fibre responses evoked on stimulation of the ipsilateral superficial radial nerve were examined in the forelimb area of the C3 zone in the barbiturate-anaesthetized cat [16].
  • Microneurographical recordings from 24 slowly adapting (SA) and 16 fast adapting (FA) cutaneous mechanoreceptor afferents were obtained in the human radial nerve [17].
  • The first principal component correlated mainly with inputs from pads and the median nerve, the second with the cortico- and rubro-spinal tracts and the third with the superficial radial nerve [18].
  • Tungsten needle electrodes were percutaneously inserted in the left radial nerve, and activity in muscle spindle afferents from the extensor muscles of the forearm were studied while the subjects remained relaxed [19].
  • In ten subjects at absolute rest electrical and magnetic stimulation of the motor cortex was transcranially applied during flexor carpi radialis H reflex eliciting and in conditions of reciprocal inhibition induced by radial nerve stimulation [20].

Associations of Radial Nerve with chemical compounds

  • When the corticospinal volley was timed to arrive at the cervical cord 30 ms after the radial nerve afferent volley, the flexor muscle response was facilitated rather than inhibited [21].
  • 1. Impulses in cutaneous nerve fibres were recorded percutaneously with tungsten micro-electrodes from the superficial radial nerve of adult human subjects [22].
  • No climbing fibre response was evoked in this area of the C3 zone by stimulation of A and C fibres in the contralateral superficial radial nerve or in the plantar nerves of the hind limbs [16].
  • Gold chloride impregnation showed that the cat cornea is innervated by 16-20 radial nerve trunks that enter the mid-posterior stroma at various sites around the corneal circumference [23].
  • The effect of fentanyl on sympathetic reflexes evoked by supramaximal electrical stimulation of the radial nerve, and the subsequent reversal of its effects by naloxone, have been observed in 10 dogs anaesthetized with alpha-chloralose, paralysed with suxamethonium and artificially ventilated [24].

Gene context of Radial Nerve

  • New presentations were most frequent at ages 55-64 years except for carpal tunnel syndrome, which was most frequent in women aged 45-54 years, and radial nerve palsy, which was most frequent in men aged 75-84 years [25].
  • In addition the values of jitter, fibre density, and mean interpotential interval were analysed for correlation with the strength score on the MRC scale, the duration of the neuropathy, the number of IVIg treatment periods, and the radial nerve conduction block values [26].
  • The distribution of immunoreactivity to 6-11B-1, a monoclonal antibody that labels acetylated alpha-tubulin, was studied in the radial nerve and intestinal system of holothurians [27].
  • Addition of radial nerve factor (GSS) increased the yield of 1-MeA up to 19 times when radioactive L-methionine was substrate, but was ineffective with radioactive A [28].
  • Radial nerve was first stimulated with a single shock and then with double shocks at intervals of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 ms; NAP amplitudes and NAP1/NAP2 ratios were calculated in normals and diabetics [29].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Radial Nerve


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