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Chemical Compound Review

SureCN1914     1-methylpurin-6-amine

Synonyms: SureCN1915, CHEMBL304483, CHEBI:18083, HMDB11599, NSC-70896, ...
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Disease relevance of NSC 70896


High impact information on NSC 70896

  • In starfish oocytes, the hormone 1-methyladenine triggers synchronous meiotic divisions that are accompanied by a rapid 30-fold stimulation of H1K activity [4].
  • Here we show that AlkB from Escherichia coli is indeed a 2-oxoglutarate-dependent and iron-dependent DNA repair enzyme that releases replication blocks in alkylated DNA by a mechanism involving oxidative demethylation of 1-methyladenine residues [5].
  • Two human homologs of the Escherichia coli AlkB protein, denoted hABH2 and hABH3, were recently shown to directly reverse 1-methyladenine (1meA) and 3-methylcytosine (3meC) damages in DNA [6].
  • Furthermore, embryonal fibroblasts from mABH2-deficient mice are unable to remove methyl methane sulfate (MMS)-induced 1meA from genomic DNA and display increased cytotoxicity after MMS exposure [6].
  • However, in the absence of any exogenous exposure to methylating agents, mice lacking mABH2, but not mABH3 defective mice, accumulate significant levels of 1meA in the genome, suggesting the presence of a biologically relevant endogenous source of methylating agent [6].

Chemical compound and disease context of NSC 70896


Biological context of NSC 70896


Anatomical context of NSC 70896


Associations of NSC 70896 with other chemical compounds

  • In agreement with these results, we found that in vitro repair of 1meA and 3meC in double-stranded DNA by nuclear extracts depended primarily, if not solely, on mABH2 [6].
  • The stimulation of oocyte maturation by 1-methyladenine in starfish, and by a steroid in frogs, has been proposed to involve G-protein-coupled receptors [18].
  • Inhibition of subsite-substituted leupeptin analogs, potent trypsin inhibitors, on 1-methyladenine-induced germinal vesicle breakdown was investigated in a starfish, Asterina pectinifera [19].
  • In response to the maturation-inducing hormone 1-methyladenine, starfish oocytes acquire increased sensitivity to sperm and inositol trisphosphate (InsP3), stimuli that cause a release of calcium from intracellular stores and a rise in intracellular free calcium [20].
  • Although MGBG is required during a slightly longer period than the natural hormone 1-methyladenine (1-MeAde), the maturation kinetics are identical [21].

Gene context of NSC 70896

  • Significantly, PRK2 is phosphorylated in vivo in response to 1-methyladenine which precedes MPF activation, making PRK2 a candidate regulator of early signaling events of meiotic maturation [22].
  • The Escherichia coli AlkB protein encoded by alkB gene was recently found to repair cytotoxic DNA lesions 1-methyladenine (1-meA) and 3-methylcytosine (3-meC) by using a novel iron-catalysed oxidative demethylation mechanism that protects the cell from the toxic effects of methylating agents [23].
  • These results suggest that beta gamma dissociates from alpha-subunit by the stimulation of 1-methyladenine and interacts with a cytoplasmic effector, which results in formation of active cdc2 kinase [24].
  • Components of the signaling pathway linking the 1-methyladenine receptor to MPF activation and maturation in starfish oocytes [25].
  • In starfish oocytes, the beta gamma subunit of G protein mediates 1-methyladenine stimulation of oocyte maturation [26].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of NSC 70896


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