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Psychomotor Disorders

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Biological context of Psychomotor Disorders

  • There was a trend towards psychomotor impairment (Concentration x time: p = 0.08), as measured by the Digit Symbol Substitution Test, with peak decrements in performance (about a minute after inhalation) being greater after 80% nitrous oxide than after 0% nitrous oxide [19].
  • A decrease in maternal circulating thyroxine during the first trimester, whether or not accompanied by increased circulating thyroid-stimulating hormone, may well result in irreversible mental and psychomotor impairments [20].
  • Because the D1 promoter, like other CNS-expressed promoters, confers transgene expression that is regionally restricted to different D1+ CNS subsets in different transgenic lines, we observed distinct but related psychomotor disorders in different D1CT-expressing founders [21].

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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Psychomotor Disorders


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