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Sperm Transport

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Psychiatry related information on Sperm Transport

  • It is concluded that has3 is expressed by the porcine endosalpinx epithelium and the levels of expression do not vary during the critical periods of sperm transport and fertilization, despite fluctuating levels of HA in the tubal fluid at corresponding periods [1].

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Biological context of Sperm Transport

  • Mating-induced increments in androgen secretion at these times may enhance subsequent reproductive success by facilitating males' intromissive capacity, which is required for the induction of ovulation and optimal sperm transport in female partners [6].
  • P20-44 of CAP37 may be useful in investigating the regulation of human sperm motility and to construct "hybrid peptides" with enhanced potency as a component of vaginal contraceptive that could doubly be effective by killing infectious agents and inhibiting sperm transport [7].
  • Sperm death and inhibition of sperm transport in the cervix of ewes in estrus after removal of the corpus luteum-bearing ovary [8].
  • The mechanisms by which PGF2alpha affect these parameters have not yet been elucidated, but it is possible that the sperm transport after insemination is increased [9].
  • These differences suggest that in males, developmental manipulations of OT may have the potential to influence the subsequent expression of sexual behavior and sperm transport [10].

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