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Disease relevance of Microtomy


High impact information on Microtomy

  • Ultrastructural changes of the luminal plasma membrane were studied with thin sectioning and freeze-fracturing techniques [3].
  • Ethanol treatment of the block face of the sample after microtomy elutes non-cross-linked polymer chains and makes the smallest details of the embedded biomaterial amenable to detection [4].
  • For the TEM examination, the sections were partly decalcified by an aqueous EDTA solution to facilitate ultramicrotomy and to disclose the ultrastructure of the interdiffusion zone [5].
  • Thin-sectioning studies confirmed the image features seen by other techniques, but the addition of tannic acid in the fixation procedure was required to visualize the structure [6].
  • Cryo-sectioning and chemical-fixing ultramicrotomy techniques for imaging rubber latex particle morphology [7].

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Gene context of Microtomy

  • The AFM images clearly demonstrated the enhanced potential of diamond-knife microtomy for nondestructively producing clean cross-sections through interfaces that allow the interfacial ultra-structure to be imaged by AFM with a resolution equaling that of TEM [18].
  • Using dual immunostaining and thin sectioning techniques, the ventrolateral SCN of light-exposed rats was examined for evidence of individual neurons coexpressing nuclear immunostaining for c-fos proteins (Fos) with cytoplasmic immunoreactivity for GRP or VIP [19].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Microtomy


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