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Freeze Fracturing

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Anatomical context of Freeze Fracturing


Associations of Freeze Fracturing with chemical compounds

  • Freeze-fracturing and deep-etching with the volatile cryoprotectant ethanol reveals true membrane surfaces of kidney structures [15].
  • Milrinone had a weak inhibitory effect on TXA2 synthesis when elicited by freeze fracturing [16].
  • The latter was performed on the two tissue fragments that remained after freeze fracturing, from which the first contained the implants and the second comprised tissue that had been immediately adjacent to the hydroxyapatite rods [17].
  • Treatment of cells with EDTA before freeze-fracturing caused dilation of grooves into holes eventually leading to fragmentation of the outer membrane [3].
  • Freeze-fracturing the abdominal flexor muscles yielded images of phasic and tonic synapse-bearing terminals [18].

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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Freeze Fracturing


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