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Defective Viruses

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Disease relevance of Defective Viruses


High impact information on Defective Viruses

  • The selection of recombinant viruses containing the S4 gene derived from the defective virus was specific for persistent infection, since it was not selected in lytic infections [6].
  • The SVX HPRT B defective virus partially corrected the HPRT deficiency (4 to 56% of normal) of cultured rodent and human Lesch-Nyhan cells [7].
  • The gp55 was purified from this defective virus by concanavalin A and heparin affinity chromatography, as well as by preparative sodium dodecyl sulfate-gel electrophoresis [8].
  • We have used this pro-apoptotic property of the p35 null virus to screen for genes encoding inhibitors of apoptosis that rescue cells infected with the p35 defective virus [9].
  • These abnormalities were associated with presence of the MAIDS-inducing defective virus genome, but were not induced by infection of mice genetically resistant to development of MAIDS or with nonpathogenic helper murine leukemia virus, a virus component that induces high spontaneous proliferation of T cells, even in MAIDS-resistant mice [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Defective Viruses


Biological context of Defective Viruses


Anatomical context of Defective Viruses


Gene context of Defective Viruses

  • This truncated NP protein was identified in cells naturally infected with the defective virus preparation [23].
  • Enzymatic deglycosylation confirmed that erythropoietin was cross-linked with the envelope protein of the defective virus and bidimensional diagonal gel electrophoresis analyses showed that some of the erythropoietin cross-linked envelope proteins were dimerized by disulfide bonds [21].
  • To overcome these difficulties we developed a TMV helper virus-defective RNA (dRNA) system to study the role of replicase protein sequences in dRNA cell-to-cell movement [24].
  • Whereas Akv-3 is known to encode a defective virus, Akv-4 has been shown to code for an infectious virus thought to be very similar or identical to that of Akv-1 [25].
  • The defective interfering particles of Wa-182 were devoid of the PA gene (RNA segment 3) but possessed several species of subgenomic RNAs of the PA gene origin [1].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Defective Viruses


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