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Disease relevance of Calcaneus


Psychiatry related information on Calcaneus

  • In conclusion, it was suggested that disease activity of RA and impairment of daily physical activity might be a significant determinant of deterioration of bone structure in paraartciular distal radius and calcaneus, respectively, in early-stage RA patients [6].

High impact information on Calcaneus

  • Moreover, the common carotid artery IMT in RA patients was positively associated with disease duration, the MCP joint Larsen score, and the M-HAQ score, and was negatively associated with the calcaneus OSI Z score [7].
  • However, no association was observed between ESRRA and QUS heel bone measures [8].
  • We measured potential risk factors and BMD of the wrist and calcaneus at baseline and BMD of the spine and hip halfway through follow-up [9].
  • These data have shown that the fractal analysis of texture on calcaneus radiographs can distinguish osteoporotic fracture groups from control groups [10].
  • Lower levels of endogenous estrogens and higher SHBG concentrations were associated with more rapid subsequent bone loss from both the calcaneus and hip [11].

Chemical compound and disease context of Calcaneus


Biological context of Calcaneus

  • In a longitudinal in vivo study, we studied the effect of two different doses of 17 beta-estradiol (E2) administered in the form of a subcutaneous implant, on bone mineral density (BMD) of the lumbar vertebrae (L4, L5, L4-L6/L5-L7), the calcaneus (CAL) and the distal radius (DR) in ovariectomized (OVX) ewes [15].
  • Significant associations were observed between BMP2 c.584G > A, c.893T > A genotypes and male calcaneus as well as female distal radius BMD [16].
  • Adjusted ultrasound measures of the calcaneus were low in 47% of patients, but there was no difference of the VDR gene frequencies in these patients compared with those with normal ultrasound results or controls [17].

Anatomical context of Calcaneus

  • Effects of lifetime volleyball exercise on bone mineral densities in lumbar spine, calcaneus and tibia for pre-, peri- and postmenopausal women [18].
  • The models were then used to determine the capacity to predict talus positions from shank positions, both with respect to the calcaneus [19].
  • The relationships between cartilage canals, perichondral bone and the ossification centre were studied in the calcaneus of 9 to 38-wk-old human fetuses, by use of epoxy resin embedding, three-dimensional computer reconstructions and immunhistochemistry on paraffin sections [20].
  • The plantaris is a simple unipennate muscle arising from an aponeurosis in common with LG and inserting primarily into the tendon of m. flexor digitorum brevis, but with ligamentous connections to the calcaneus [21].
  • METHODS: Five children 4-13 years old with ABC in pubis, humerus, fibula, calcaneus, and ilium-ischium were studied between January 1995 and December 1996 [22].

Associations of Calcaneus with chemical compounds

  • Fractal analysis of texture was performed on calcaneus radiographs and the result was expressed as the H parameter (H = 2-fractal dimension) [10].
  • Compared with nonusers, current estrogen users had a 33% lower age-adjusted mean rate of loss at the total hip (2.9 vs 4.3 mg/cm 2/year, p < or = 0.0001) and a 35% lower age-adjusted mean rate of loss at the calcaneus (3.9 vs 6.0 mg/cm 2/year, p < or = 0.0001) [23].
  • Levels of parathyroid hormone, 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D, and Calcium were not significantly associated with bone loss from the calcaneus or hip [11].
  • Non-use of chlorthalidone was associated with bone loss at the calcaneus (-0.56% per year) and the proximal radius (-0.91% per year); borderline bone gain was observed at the distal radius (+0.39%) [24].
  • RESULTS: Compared with oral daily alfacalcidol, i.v. ibandronate produced significantly superior gains in mean (+/-s.d.) BMD at the lumbar spine (2.2+/-3.1 vs 11.9+/-7.4%; P<0.001), femoral neck (1.3+/-1.8 vs 4.7+/-4.0%; P<0.001) and calcaneus (7.6+/-3.8 vs 15.5+/-10.7%; P<0.0001) after 2 yr [25].

Gene context of Calcaneus

  • A significant association was also observed between BMP4 IVS1-160C > T and male calcaneus BMD (P for trend = 0.024) [16].
  • Preferential reductions of paraarticular trabecular bone component in ultradistal radius and of calcaneus ultrasonography in early-stage rheumatoid arthritis [6].
  • Trabecular BMD in the ultradistal radius exhibited negative correlations with serum CRP, ESR, and RF, and calcaneus OSI with M-HAQ score [6].
  • Women with the OPG 1181 CC genotype had higher BMDs at the distal radius (7%) and calcaneus (10%) than those with the GG genotype; and these differences were statistically significant (P = 0.001 and P = 0.007, respectively) [26].
  • MATERIALS AND METHODS: Heel bone parameters were measured by right calcaneal QUS in 1335 healthy French-Canadian premenopausal women, and one-half of these women also had their BMD evaluated at two sites: femoral neck and lumbar spine (L2-L4) by DXA [8].


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