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Disease relevance of Feminization


Psychiatry related information on Feminization


High impact information on Feminization

  • Loss-of-function mutations in the X-linked gene xol-1 cause the feminization and death of XO animals (normally males) by shifting the sex determination and dosage compensation pathways toward their hermaphrodite modes [8].
  • Gibberellins, steroid-like plant hormones, appear to play a pivotal role in the stamen abortion process and the feminization of floral tissues [9].
  • DDT-induced feminization of gull embryos [10].
  • In summary, ERbeta is essential for the pubertal feminization of the cortical bone in female mice but is not required for the protective effect of estrogens on trabecular BMD [11].
  • Since sufficient estrogen is produced in normal men to induce breast enlargement in the absence of adequate amounts of circulating androgens, it has been generally assumed that androgens exert an antiestrogenic action to prevent feminization in normal men [12].

Chemical compound and disease context of Feminization


Biological context of Feminization


Anatomical context of Feminization


Gene context of Feminization

  • Feminization of the germline depends upon the constitutively expressed transformer-2 (tra-2) gene, but does not seem to require a functional dsx gene [24].
  • Severe alleles of fem-2 also cause complete feminization of XX animals at all temperatures, but feminization of fem-2 XO animals is temperature-sensitive: complete at 25 degrees, incomplete at 20 degrees [27].
  • Mutations in fem-3 resemble alleles of fem-1 (previously characterized): putative null alleles result in complete feminization of XX and XO animals, transforming them into fertile females [27].
  • We recently identified an XY intersex patient carrying a chromosomal duplication of the WNT4 locus and proposed that this patient's feminization arises from an increased dosage of WNT4 [28].
  • Thus, ERalpha appears to play a key role in the mechanism that inhibits nuclear localization of Stat5b in female mice, leading to feminization of a ERalpha-GH-Stat5b pathway and Cyp expression [29].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Feminization

  • Passive immunization during 4 days by multiple injections of an antiserum generated against somatostatin resulted in a partial feminization of the male rat liver [30].
  • Castration of adult (9-month-old) male rats caused a decrease in drug metabolism, but did not result in complete feminization of the profiles of drug metabolism as was observed in old male rats, indicating that neonatally imprinted male pattern of drug metabolism was still retained in the absence of testosterone in adult male rats [31].
  • Furthermore, the fact that ovariectomy was effective as late as day 16, while TP treatment on day 8 or later had no effect, suggests that masculinization and feminization of this structure constitute separate processes with distinct sensitive periods [32].
  • Reproductive and ultrasonographic evaluation, testosterone assays, and karyotyping confirmed a diagnosis of androgen insensitivity syndrome (64, XY--testicular feminization) [33].
  • BACKGROUND: Most girls with Turner syndrome (TS) need estrogen replacement treatment (ERT) to induce and maintain feminization and prevent osteoporosis [34].


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