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Chemical Compound Review

Anabasine     3-(2-piperidyl)pyridine

Synonyms: Anabasin, Anabazin, Neonikotin, Neonicotine, DL-ANABASIN, ...
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Disease relevance of Anabasine


Psychiatry related information on Anabasine

  • One or more doses of (+)-nicotine, (+)-nornicotine and anabasine also increased locomotor activity in these animals, although the maximal effects seen were in all cases less than the maximal effect of (-)-nicotine [6].
  • The sensitive and specific detection of nicotine, its metabolites, and the tobacco alkaloid, anabasine, is useful in evaluating the success of smoking cessation treatments and detecting tobacco use, passive exposure, and nontobacco nicotine exposure in potential transplant recipients, insurance clients, and elective surgical patients [7].

High impact information on Anabasine


Chemical compound and disease context of Anabasine


Biological context of Anabasine


Anatomical context of Anabasine


Associations of Anabasine with other chemical compounds

  • In transgenic lines with lower LDC activity the changes of cadaverine and anabasine levels were correspondingly lower and sometimes hardly distinguishable from controls [17].
  • Gas chromatographic-mass spectrometric method for determination of anabasine, anatabine and other tobacco alkaloids in urine of smokers and smokeless tobacco users [18].
  • Sixteen pregnant goats were gavaged twice daily during gestational days 32 through 41 [term, 145 days] with a plant slurry of Nicotiana glauca containing the piperidine alkaloid teratogen anabasine [19].
  • We have tested the insect antifeedant and toxic activity of 43 norditerpenoid alkaloids on Spodoptera littoralis and Leptinotarsa decemlineata including eserine (physostigmine), anabasine, and atropine [20].

Gene context of Anabasine


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Anabasine


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