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Chemical Compound Review

TERBUFOS     diethoxy-sulfanylidene- (tert...

Synonyms: Contraven, Counter, Counter 15G, PS680_SUPELCO, CCRIS 4772, ...
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Disease relevance of Counter

  • We monitored the volume of C6 glioma cells in suspension using a Coulter Counter and exposed the cells to micromolar or nanomolar levels of collagenase or clostripain [1].
  • The estimated prevalence of leukopenia (WBC counts less than or equal to 4,500 cells/mm3) was 10.6% using the Technicon and 9.7% using the Coulter Counter [2].
  • Both E. coli and V. cholerae densities declined by 2 orders of magnitude, as measured by direct particle counts with a Coulter Counter (Coulter Electronics, Inc., Hialeah, Fla.). However, the density of neither bacteria changed dramatically when the same samples were analyzed by epifluorescent direct counts [3].
  • RESULTS: Counter to the hypothesis, parental control over children's intake was inversely associated with overweight in girls, as measured by body mass index, r = -0.12, p < 0.05, and triceps skinfolds, r = -0.11, p < 0.05 [4].
  • 1. The effects of hypoosmotic stress on cell volume and amino acid efflux were evaluated in the human neuroblastoma cell line CHP-100 with the Coulter Counter Multisizer and radiolabeled amino acid efflux, respectively [5].

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High impact information on Counter

  • A cone and plate viscometer and Coulter Counter were used to study platelet modulation of polymorphonuclear leukocyte (PMNL) aggregation caused by controlled shear stress [9].
  • Size-frequency distribution curves of erythrocytes were generated with the Coulter Counter in 73 normal subjects and patients [10].
  • To investigate volume-regulating processes in the hepatocyte, a rapid and precise method of measuring cell volume in isolated hepatocytes was devised which uses a Coulter Counter equipped with a Channelyzer [11].
  • Cell proliferation was assessed by [(3)H]thymidine incorporation, fluorescent-activated cell-sorting analysis, and cell number using a Coulter Counter [12].
  • The blastogenic and mitogenic response of murine splenic lymphocytes to concanavalin A and the response of the resulting blasts to a lymphokine co-stimulator preparation was examined with an electronic particle counting and sizing apparatus (Coulter Counter and Channelizer) [13].

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Gene context of Counter

  • The effect of treatment of the cells with EGF (1 nm, 4 days) was determined visually (expressed as percent non round cells) and by measuring the cell volume by Coulter Counter analysis [27].
  • Mean platelet volume was stable for up to 24 h only in CPT-collected specimens, if it was measured on a Coulter Counter S-Plus STKR [28].
  • The purity of each protein was confirmed by SDS/PAGE, and their effects on CaOx crystallization in undiluted ultrafiltered human urine were determined at a final concentration 80.65 nmol/l using Coulter Counter and [(14)C]oxalate analysis [29].
  • Blood drawn by peripheral venipuncture was analyzed by Coulter Counter for complete blood count; plasma albumin, iron, ferritin, transferrin saturation, and total iron-binding capacity were measured in all infants [30].
  • METHOD: The effects of radiation on cervical (SiHa, CC-1, and C33a) and vulvar (SW962) cancer cell lines under various experimental conditions were evaluated using clonogenic, Coulter Counter, electrophoretic mobility shift (EMSA) and a multi-probe RNase protection assay of p53-inducible genes [31].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Counter


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