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Chemical Compound Review

Lumirelax     [2-hydroxy-3-(2- methoxyphenoxy)propyl]...

Synonyms: Etroflex, Forbaxin, Methocal, Miorilas, Neuraxin, ...
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  • Sequence analysis identified a novel type of neuron-specific protein (named neuraxin) which is characterized by an unusual amino acid composition, 12 central heptadecarepeats and putative protein and/or membrane interaction sites [6].
  • Significant increases in plasma hemoglobin were detected 30 min after intravenous injection of methocarbamol or its vehicle alone [17].
  • A new HPLC technique for the separation of methocarbamol enantiomers [18].
  • We have developed a stereoselective high-performance liquid chromatography technique for analytical separation of methocarbamol enantiomers [18].
  • 1. Permethylation and g.l.c.-mass spectrometric analysis of bile from an isolated rat liver perfusion to which methocarmol was added showed seven components not present in control bile: methocarbamol, glucuronides of methocarbamol and desmethyl-methocarbamol, and four glucuronides of hydroxylated methocarbamol metabolites [19].


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