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Chemical Compound Review

Colatan     N-methyl-2-[3-(1-methyl-4- piperidyl)-1H...

Synonyms: Naramig, Amerge, naratriptan, naratriptanum, naratriptan;, ...
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  • Headache relief was maintained 8, 12, and 24 hours postdose with no use of rescue medication or a second dose of study medication by significantly (p < 0.001) greater percentages of patients after treatment with naratriptan 2.5 mg or 1 mg compared with naratriptan 0.25 mg or placebo [3].
  • The efficacy and tolerability of naratriptan tablets (2.5 mg, 1 mg, and 0.25 mg) compared with placebo in the acute treatment of migraine were evaluated in a randomized, double-blind, four-period crossover study [3].
  • We conducted this series of experiments to further elucidate the site of action of naratriptan using a well-established animal model of trigeminovascular stimulation [27].
  • Cardiac haemodynamics and coronary artery diameter were measured at baseline and after subcutaneous injections of placebo and naratriptan (1.5 mg, s.c.) in 10 patients undergoing diagnostic cardiac catheterisation [28].
  • Naratriptan for the treatment of acute migraine: meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials [29].


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