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Gene Review

DNM1  -  dynamin 1

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: DNM, Dynamin-1
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Disease relevance of DNM1

  • Moreover, we show that internalization of PA is dynamin and Eps15 dependent, indicating that the clathrin-dependent pathway is the major route of anthrax toxin entry into the cell [1].
  • Based on the FAP-1- and dynamin-dependent regulation of Fas translocation, we have created human melanoma lines with different levels of surface expression of Fas [2].
  • Finally, dynamin is apparently not involved in the formation of phagocytic vesicles containing Chlamydia [3].
  • Inducible expression of a dominant-negative mutant of dynamin in a CD4-positive HeLa cell line reduced HIV infection by 40 to 80% [4].
  • Grb2 dominantly associates with dynamin II in human hepatocellular carcinoma HepG2 cells [5].

Psychiatry related information on DNM1

  • In cortical neurons of Huntington's disease patients with early stage pathology, dynamin immunoreactivity accumulated in cytoplasmic bodies [6].
  • Overexpression of dynamin is induced by chronic stimulation of mu- but not delta-opioid receptors: relationships with mu-related morphine dependence [7].
  • The results show a similar down-regulation and desensitization of mu and delta binding sites, whereas an overexpression of dynamin occurred only with mu agonists, strongly suggesting the relevance of this up-regulation with the opiate dependence [7].
  • Subjects were 33 abstinent SDIs receiving inpatient treatment and 19 non-SDI normal controls (NC) well-matched on age, sex, ethnicity, and VIQ, who were assessed using the Iowa Gambling Task (GT) and a delayed non-match to sample task (DNM): measures of decision making and working memory, respectively [8].

High impact information on DNM1


Chemical compound and disease context of DNM1


Biological context of DNM1


Anatomical context of DNM1


Associations of DNM1 with chemical compounds

  • Although dynamin localization to the tails required its proline-rich domain, expression of a dynamin mutant lacking this domain also diminished tail formation [23].
  • Dynamin GTPase activity is essential for its fission activity, and it is stimulated by self-assembly as well as by interacting with its binding partners, such as microtubules, SH3 domain containing proteins, or inositol phospholipids [25].
  • We describe here in detail the procedure of the dynamin GTPase assay and the results demonstrating stimulatory effect of amphiphysin on dynamin GTPase activity, which is highly dependent on the liposome size [25].
  • Nitric oxide regulates endocytosis by S-nitrosylation of dynamin [26].
  • We report that dynamin, which interacts with NO synthase, is S-nitrosylated at a single cysteine residue (C607) after stimulation of the beta(2) adrenergic receptor [26].

Physical interactions of DNM1


Co-localisations of DNM1

  • LPS was endocytosed by a receptor-mediated mechanism dependent on dynamin and clathrin and colocalized with TLR4 on early/sorting endosomes [32].

Regulatory relationships of DNM1


Other interactions of DNM1

  • Amphiphysin I and II are nerve terminal-enriched proteins that display src homology 3 domain-mediated interactions with dynamin and synaptojanin [24].
  • Hudy-2 binds to an epitope within amino acids 822-838 that is common to dynamin-1 and dynamin-2 [33].
  • Dynamin associates with a variety of SH3 domain-containing molecules via a C-terminal proline-rich motif and takes part, with them, in endocytic processes [37].
  • These findings suggest that PLD, functioning as an intermolecular GAP for dynamin, accelerates EGFR endocytosis [38].
  • First, we show that L. monocytogenes colocalizes with Met, EEA1, Cbl, clathrin and dynamin during entry [39].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of DNM1


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