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Gene Review

Muc2  -  mucin 2

Mus musculus

Synonyms: 2010015E03Rik, Colonic mucin, MCM, MUC-2, Mucin-2, ...
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Disease relevance of Muc2


High impact information on Muc2

  • Analyses of the mucins Muc2, Muc3, and Muc5ac showed lower levels of RNA expression in the CF mice and similar levels of protein [6].
  • Colonic goblet cells in the Muc2(-/-) mice were negative for Muc2, but trefoil factor 3 was still detectable [7].
  • Muc2-deficient mice spontaneously develop colitis, indicating that MUC2 is critical for colonic protection [7].
  • There was also decreased goblet cell differentiation as assessed by alcian blue staining and expression of the Muc2 gene, especially in mice fed the Western-style diet, although this differentiation lineage was still present as indicated by expression and staining for intestinal trefoil factor [8].
  • However, Klf4(-/-) mice demonstrate a 90% decrease in the number of goblet cells in the colon, show abnormal expression of the goblet cell-specific marker Muc2 by in situ hybridization, have abnormal staining of the colonic epithelium with Alcian Blue for acidic mucins, and lack normal goblet cell morphology by ultrastructural analysis [9].

Chemical compound and disease context of Muc2


Biological context of Muc2

  • This gene is clustered with the three secreted large gel-forming mucins Muc2, Muc5ac, and Muc5b in a region that exhibits synteny with human chromosome 11p15 [10].
  • RESULTS: Antibiotic treatment did not significantly affect Muc2 and Muc3 gene expression in CF mice [11].
  • The murine Muc2 mucin gene is transcriptionally regulated by the zinc-finger GATA-4 transcription factor in intestinal cells [12].
  • Four GATA-4 cis-elements were identified in the promoter by EMSA and Muc2 promoter was efficiently activated when GATA-4 was overexpressed in the cells with a loss of transactivation when those sites were either mutated or a mutated form of GATA-4 was used [12].
  • Having found putative GATA binding sites in the murine Muc2 promoter and that GATA-4 is expressed in Muc2-expressing goblet cells of the mouse small intestine, we undertook to study its regulation by this transcription factor [12].

Anatomical context of Muc2

  • Muc2(-/-) mice develop tumors in the small and large intestine and the rectum, but in contrast to tumors in Apc1638(+/-) mice, this does not involve increased expression or nuclear localization of beta-catenin [1].
  • A possible explanation is the mechanism by which Muc2 deficiency may trigger the immune system to release interleukin-10, an anti-inflammatory cytokine before MTX-treatment [4].
  • These quantitative and structural aberrations in Muc2 in IL-10 mice likely reduce the ability of their mucosa to cope with nonpathogenic commensal bacteria and may contribute to their susceptibility to develop colitis [13].
  • To help us investigate the role of mucin in the protection of the colonic epithelium in the mouse, we aimed to identify the murine colonic mucin (MCM) and its encoding gene [14].
  • We isolated MCM, raised an anti-MCM antiserum, and studied the biosynthesis of MCM in the gastrointestinal tract [14].

Associations of Muc2 with chemical compounds

  • To independently identify murine Muc2, we cloned a cDNA fragment from murine colonic mRNA, encoding the 302 NH2-terminal amino acids of murine Muc2 [14].
  • Prior to MTX-injection, tumor necrosis factor-alpha and interleukin-10 mRNAs were upregulated in Muc2(-/-) mice, probably due to continuous exposure of the intestine to luminal antigens [4].
  • The mucin Muc2, which is a major determinant of goblet cell morphology, was expressed in most goblet cells, yet only in cells staining positive for both Alcian blue and high iron diamine [15].
  • Muc2 in distal IL10-/- colon contained significantly less sulfate residues than in controls, which may compromise its protective properties [15].
  • MCM levels were decreased 4-fold at 7 days of allergen exposure in -/- mice and at 15 days in +/+ mice [16].

Physical interactions of Muc2

  • Two discrete types of mucin proteins exist in the mouse intestine, secretory Muc2 and membrane-bound Muc3 [17].

Regulatory relationships of Muc2

  • Inactivation of p21WAF1/cip1 enhances intestinal tumor formation in Muc2-/- mice [1].

Other interactions of Muc2


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Muc2


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