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Gene Review

Nf2  -  neurofibromatosis 2

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Merlin, Moesin-ezrin-radixin-like protein, Neurofibromin-2, Nf-2, Schwannomin, ...
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Disease relevance of Nf2


High impact information on Nf2

  • Merlin colocalizes and interacts with adherens junction (AJ) components in confluent wild-type cells, suggesting that the lack of AJs and contact-dependent growth arrest in Nf2(-/-) cells directly results from the absence of merlin at sites of cell:cell contact [1].
  • Mutation of the Neurofibromatosis 2 (NF2) tumor suppressor gene leads to cancer development in humans and mice [1].
  • We show that, beginning at four months of age, thirty percent of mice with arachnoidal cell Cre-mediated excision of Nf2 exon 2 developed a range of meningioma subtypes histologically similar to the human tumors [5].
  • The neurofibromatosis-2 (NF2) gene encodes merlin, an ezrin-radixin-moesin-(ERM)-related protein that functions as a tumor suppressor [6].
  • At high cell density, merlin becomes hypo-phosphorylated and inhibits cell growth in response to hyaluronate (HA), a mucopolysaccharide that surrounds cells [6].

Chemical compound and disease context of Nf2


Biological context of Nf2


Anatomical context of Nf2


Associations of Nf2 with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of Nf2

  • Moreover, it was shown that merlin interacted with endogenous growth factor receptor bound 2 (Grb2) protein and inhibited its expression [17].

Enzymatic interactions of Nf2


Regulatory relationships of Nf2


Other interactions of Nf2


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Nf2


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