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Gene Review

MGP  -  matrix Gla protein

Bos taurus

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Disease relevance of MGP


High impact information on MGP


Biological context of MGP


Anatomical context of MGP

  • Matrix GLA protein (MGP) is expressed in endothelial cells (EC), and MGP deficiency results in developmental defects suggesting involvement in EC function [4].
  • Since essentially equal amounts of the 79- and 83-residue forms of MGP were also detected in bovine articular cartilage and plasma, it seems likely that the COOH-terminal processing events identified in bone apply to many of the other tissues which synthesize this protein [7].
  • Mg2+ and Mn2+ supported attachment to all three ECM proteins but Ca2+ did not support attachment to collagen and was less effective than Mg2+ or Mn2+ in chondrocyte attachment to MGP [9].
  • In long bone diaphyses, total levels of MGP were essentially equivalent in newborn, juvenile, and adult rats [10].
  • Northern analysis and immunohistochemistry demonstrated that MGP was only expressed by pericytes in calcified nodules [11].

Associations of MGP with chemical compounds

  • The presence of NH2-terminal Glu residues between the putative targeting domain for the gamma-carboxylase in the MGP leader sequence and the mid-molecule Gla residues suggests that the gamma-carboxylase may have additional, as yet unrecognized, specificity requirements which determine the susceptibility of Glu residues for gamma-carboxylation [6].
  • Two forms of MGP were isolated from demineralization and urea extracts of bovine cortical bone, one 79 residues in length with the COOH terminus Phe-Arg-Gln and the other 83 residues in length with the COOH terminus Phe-Arg-Gln-Arg-Arg-Gly-Ala [7].
  • In this study, attachment assays were used to examine integrin-mediated attachment of chondrocytes to fibronectin, matrix Gla protein (MGP), and type II collagen [9].
  • Phosphoserine was identified at residues 3, 6, and 9 of bovine, human, rat, and lamb MGP by N-terminal protein sequencing [8].
  • Two of the serines phosphorylated in shark MGP, residues 2 and 5, also have glutamate residues in the n + 2 position in tandemly repeated Ser-X-Glu sequences, whereas the third, shark residue 3, would acquire an acidic phosphoserine in the n + 2 position upon phosphorylation of serine 5 [8].

Other interactions of MGP


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of MGP

  • To further characterize the MGP antigen in bone, extracts from newborn and adult rat bones were chromatographed by gel filtration over Sephacryl S-200 [10].
  • The radioimmunoassay for rat MGP which was developed for these studies employs rabbit antibody directed against calf MGP and rat MGP for standards and radioiodinated tracer [10].
  • Matrix GLA protein (MGP), also expressed in atherosclerotic lesions, was added to CVC in coculture [13].


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