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Gene Review

blaZ  -  beta-lactamase

Staphylococcus aureus

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Disease relevance of blaZ


High impact information on blaZ


Chemical compound and disease context of blaZ


Biological context of blaZ


Anatomical context of blaZ


Associations of blaZ with chemical compounds

  • Using this method, 40% of the isolates possessing the blaZ gene were classified as susceptible; however, majority of these isolates produced beta-lactamase when tested with nitrocefin [18].
  • In some institutions methicillin-resistance among coagulase-negative staphylococci has reached 75%, and in others the incidence of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase producing Gram-negative bacilli has risen markedly [19].

Other interactions of blaZ

  • Complete pbp2 sequences were determined for three BORSA, corresponding to ST25, ST1 and ST47, which were selected on the basis of lacking blaZ-encoded beta-lactamase [20].


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