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Gene Review

VIM  -  vimentin

Sus scrofa

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Disease relevance of VIM


High impact information on VIM


Biological context of VIM


Anatomical context of VIM

  • The kidney originates from mesenchymal blastema, which changes to epithelium, losing VIM and acquiring CK expression [1].
  • Stromal cells expressed both VIM and actin, demonstrating myofibroblastic differentiation [1].
  • Here we characterize a large fragment of chicken gizzard and pig stomach desmin as well as the corresponding fragment from porcine eye lens vimentin [9].
  • These changes in the distribution of vimentin occurred in conjunction with reorganization of actin filaments [12].
  • Here, we demonstrate that the first stage in vimentin rearrangement during ASFV infection involves a microtubule-dependent concentration of vimentin into an "aster" within virus assembly sites located close to the microtubule organizing center [2].

Associations of VIM with chemical compounds

  • In addition, an increased tyrosine phosphorylation of vimentin was observed [12].
  • The solubility of vimentin upon Nonidet-P40-extraction of cells decreased considerably after PDGF stimulation, indicating that PDGF caused a redistribution of vimentin to a less soluble compartment [12].
  • Immunostaining showed that vimentin within the cage was phosphorylated on serine 82 [2].
  • After dialysis against 10 mM-Tris-acetate (pH 8.5), vimentin that has been purified in the presence of urea is present in the form of tetrameric 2 to 3 nm X 48 nm rods known as protofilaments [13].
  • Proliferating Müller cells were identified within the inner nuclear layer of retinal fragments as early as 2 days in culture using bromodeoxyuridine (BrdU) and vimentin double labeling [14].

Physical interactions of VIM


Other interactions of VIM


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of VIM


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