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Gene Review

Hivan1  -  HIV-associated nephropathy 1

Mus musculus

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Anatomical context of Hivan1

  • The immunohistochemical staining pattern of podocan protein in normal kidney glomeruli was consistent with that of the glomerular basement membrane, and staining was markedly increased in sclerotic glomerular lesions in the transgenic HIVAN model [12].
  • HIV-1 has recently been shown to infect renal tubular epithelial cells in patients with HIVAN [5].
  • It was demonstrated that HIV-1 mRNA is expressed in renal epithelium of the transgenic mouse and in patients with HIVAN, suggesting a direct role for HIV-1 in disease pathogenesis in both humans and the murine model [3].
  • Protease inhibitors modulate apoptosis in mesangial cells derived from a mouse model of HIVAN [13].
  • These results demonstrate that the mechanical properties of WT and HIVAN podocytes are markedly different in a manner that is consistent with differences in the composition and arrangement of their cytoskeletons [14].

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