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Gene Review

SCNN1A  -  sodium channel, non voltage gated 1 alpha...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Alpha-ENaC, Alpha-NaCH, Amiloride-sensitive sodium channel subunit alpha, BESC2, ENaCA, ...
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Disease relevance of SCNN1A


High impact information on SCNN1A


Biological context of SCNN1A


Anatomical context of SCNN1A


Associations of SCNN1A with chemical compounds

  • These results confirm that alpha ENaC is an aldosterone-induced transcript in the collecting duct and delineates the molecular mechanism for this effect [10].
  • Assays of transcriptional activity showed that dexamethasone caused concentration-dependent activation of the human alpha-ENaC promoter (EC50 approximately 5 nM) but, despite its clear effect on GNa, T2 had no effect upon the transcriptional response to dexamethasone [16].
  • Thyroid hormone potentiates glucocorticoid-evoked airway Na+ transport without affecting alpha-ENaC transcription [16].
  • Although hENaCdelta homomer was also significantly activated by capsazepine, unexpectedly, capsazepine had no effect on hENaCalpha and caused a slight decrease on the hENaCalphabetagamma current [17].
  • Aldosterone did not, however, affect alpha-ENaC expression in the cortical collecting duct (CCD), which showed weak and dispersed labeling similar to that in rats treated with lithium alone [18].

Other interactions of SCNN1A

  • PPARgamma activation enhances cell surface ENaCalpha via up-regulation of SGK1 in human collecting duct cells [19].
  • We have identified the wild-type and three splice variants of the human alpha ENaC (h alpha ENaC) from the human lung cell line H441, using RT-PCR [20].
  • A prostasin-preferred poly-basic cleavage site was found in the extracellular domains of the ENaC alpha- and beta-subunits, and may present a mechanism for prostasin activation [21].
  • UC was associated with substantial decreases in the expression of the ENaC beta- and gamma-subunit proteins and mRNAs, whereas the decrease in ENaC alpha-subunit protein detected by immunolocalization was less marked [22].
  • The NPPA T2238C and SCNN1A A663T were associated with decreased fasting insulin levels after adjusting for body mass index (P=0.015 and 0.028) [23].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of SCNN1A


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