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Gene Review

Rnpep  -  arginyl aminopeptidase (aminopeptidase B)

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: AP-B, Aminopeptidase B, Arginine aminopeptidase, Arginyl aminopeptidase, Cytosol aminopeptidase IV
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Disease relevance of Rnpep


High impact information on Rnpep


Biological context of Rnpep

  • From sequence-homology searches, Ap B is known to be closely related to leukotriene (LT)-A4 hydrolase (EC [6].
  • Aminopeptidase B (Ap B; EC is a zinc-binding protein that contains the consensus sequence HEXXHX18E (324-347), conserved among the M1 family of metallopeptidases [6].
  • OBJECTIVE: The aim of the present study was to elucidate the presence in rat cardiac fibroblastic cells of arginine-aminopeptidase and its involvement in the hydrolysis of angiotensin peptides [1].
  • These results are in agreement with the known substrate specificity of arginine aminopeptidase [7].
  • Previous investigations have suggested an important role for cationic residues in determination of toxin activity, and our single-site mutagenesis studies have indicated that isoform discrimination can be partially explained by the unique cationic residues Arg-12 and Lys-49 of anthopleurin B (ApB) [8].

Anatomical context of Rnpep


Associations of Rnpep with chemical compounds

  • Aminopeptidase B (EC is a Zn(2+)-dependent exopeptidase which selectively removes arginine and/or lysine residues from the NH2-terminus of several peptide substrates including Arg0-Leu-enkephalin, Arg0-Met-enkephalin and Arg-1-Lys0-somatostatin-14 [13].
  • Whereas the endoprotease cleaves a single peptide bond, between Glu12 and Arg13 of S-28, the aminopeptidase B-like enzyme removes both Arg13 and Lys14 stepwise from the NH2 terminus of the corresponding COOH-terminal fragment [14].
  • It is proposed that S-28 processing involves a divalent cation-sensitive endoprotease that is sensitive to thiol reagents, which cleaves before the Arg-Lys doublet, which is not trypsin-like, and whose action is coupled to an aminopeptidase B-like enzyme [14].
  • Inhibition of arginine aminopeptidase by bestatin and arphamenine analogues. Evidence for a new mode of binding to aminopeptidases [7].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Our data show that chloride-insensitive Arginine-aminopeptidase could contribute to the hydrolysis of all studied angiotensin peptides in concert with other peptidases present in fibroblasts [1].

Other interactions of Rnpep


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Rnpep


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