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Gene Review

Enpep  -  glutamyl aminopeptidase

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: AP-A, Aminopeptidase A, EAP, Glutamyl aminopeptidase
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Disease relevance of Enpep


High impact information on Enpep


Chemical compound and disease context of Enpep

  • Because clipped kidneys are not exposed to high blood pressure, these results suggest that glomerular APA expression is positively regulated and tubular APA negatively regulated by Ang II [2].

Biological context of Enpep


Anatomical context of Enpep


Associations of Enpep with chemical compounds

  • Previously, we reported that mesangial cells were positively immunostained with antiserum directed against aminopeptidase A, the principal angiotensinase in the metabolism of angiotensin II [12].
  • Aminopeptidase-A. I. CDNA cloning and expression and localization in rat tissues [9].
  • These results indicate that rat kidney EAP is a species homologue of the murine BP-1/6C3 and human gp160 antigens [13].
  • Changes in transmembrane potential relative to action potential amplitude (delta Vm/APA) were measured in patterned cultures of neonatal rat myocytes, stained with voltage-sensitive dye (RH-237), by optical mapping (96-channel photodiode array, 6- to 30-micron resolution) during the application of EES (field strength, 8 to 22 V/cm; duration, 6 ms) [14].
  • RESULTS: APA activity was found all along the nephron but was higher in the cortex than in the medulla [15].

Other interactions of Enpep


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Enpep


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