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Gene Review

SOCS2  -  suppressor of cytokine signaling 2

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: CIS-2, CIS2, Cish2, Cytokine-inducible SH2 protein 2, SOCS-2, ...
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Disease relevance of SOCS2


High impact information on SOCS2

  • Anti-inflammatory actions of lipoxin A4 and aspirin-triggered lipoxin are SOCS-2 dependent [5].
  • Upon infection with an intracellular pathogen, SOCS-2-deficient mice had uncontrolled production of proinflammatory cytokines, decreased microbial proliferation, aberrant leukocyte infiltration and elevated mortality [5].
  • SOCS-2 overexpression in Caco-2 cells inhibited cell proliferation and promoted differentiation [6].
  • CONCLUSIONS: SOCS-2 is a GH-inducible, novel inhibitor of intestinal epithelial cell proliferation and intestinal growth [6].
  • The inhibitory effect of E(2) was absent in cells lacking SOCS-2 but not in those lacking SOCS-1 and SOCS-3 [7].

Chemical compound and disease context of SOCS2

  • The cisplatin-resistant gastric cancer cell sublines, SNU-601/Cis2 and /Cis10, were 49 and >530 times more resistant to cisplatin, respectively, compared with the drug-sensitive cells, SNU-601/WT [8].

Biological context of SOCS2


Anatomical context of SOCS2

  • Using reverse transcriptase (RT)-PCR and Western blot analysis we investigated the expression of SOCS1, SOCS2, and SOCS3 mRNA and protein, respectively, by human villous placenta, amnion and choriodecidua (n = 3-4) [9].
  • Cells transfected with eight of these tagged constructs expressed the fluorescent proteins in both the nucleus and cytosol; the tagged SOCS2 was localized mostly in the latter compartment [13].
  • The intravenous hGH did not induce SOCS2 mRNA expression in the hypothalamus [14].
  • In addition, several studies indicate that SOCS2 also has important actions in the central nervous system, the regulation of metabolism, the immune response, the mammary gland development, cancer, and other cytokine-dependent signaling pathways [10].
  • Glutathione S-transferase-hSOCS-2 associated with activated IGF-IR in lysates of mouse fibroblasts overexpressing IGF-IR [15].

Associations of SOCS2 with chemical compounds

  • This paper provides evidence for regulatory interaction between a sex steroid and the GHJAKSTAT pathway, in which SOCS-2 plays a central mechanistic role [7].
  • In conclusion, estrogen inhibits GH signaling, an action mediated by SOCS-2 [7].
  • Mutation of receptor tyrosines 950, 1250, 1251, and 1316 to phenylalanine or deletion of the COOH-terminal 93 amino acids did not result in decreased interaction of the receptor with hSOCS-2 protein. hSOCS-1 protein also interacted strongly with IGF-IR in the two-hybrid assay [15].
  • Adenovirus-mediated expression of the SOCS2 gene in MIN6 cells or isolated rat islets significantly suppressed glucose-stimulated insulin secretion [16].
  • We conclude that SOCS2 normally limits basal and IGF-I- and EGF-induced intestinal growth in vivo and has novel inhibitory effects on the IGF-IR tyrosine kinase pathway in intestinal epithelial cells [17].

Physical interactions of SOCS2

  • Here, we show that CIS (cytokine-inducible SH2 protein) and SOCS2 can also interact with the leptin receptor [18].
  • However, 55PIK and SOCS-2 also interact with the IR in the yeast two hybrid system [19].

Regulatory relationships of SOCS2

  • In a yeast two-hybrid screen of a human fetal brain library, we have previously identified SOCS-2 as a binding partner of the activated IGF-I receptor (IGFIR) [20].

Other interactions of SOCS2

  • Interferon (IFN)-gamma treatment induces the expression of SOCS1, SOCS2, and SOCS3 mRNAs [21].
  • Specific studies targeting the SOCS genes in vivo have unveiled SOCS2 as the main regulator of somatic growth through regulation of GH/IGF-1 signaling [10].
  • SOCS1, SOCS2, RASSF1a, CDKN2a, and MGMT were methylated in 75, 43, 64, 75, and 64% of melanoma samples, respectively [22].
  • Jurkat cells expressed more SOCS-2 when exposed to PRL [23].
  • RESULTS: SOCS-2 protein was expressed in 34 of 50 breast carcinoma samples and was positively associated with low grade, low nuclear grade, and p27 protein [24].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of SOCS2


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