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Gene Review

fur  -  ferric uptake regulator

Escherichia coli O157:H7 str. Sakai

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Disease relevance of fur


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Chemical compound and disease context of fur


Biological context of fur


Associations of fur with chemical compounds

  • NO was recently shown to react with Fe(2+) ions in FeFur (iron substituted Fur protein) leading to an Fur bound iron-nitrosyl complex, unable to bind DNA, and characterized by a g = 2.03 EPR signal, associated with an S = (1)/(2) ground state [2].
  • The use of several spectroscopic tools such as EPR, ENDOR, FTIR, Mössbauer, and UV-visible spectroscopies as well as mass spectrometry analysis was necessary to characterize the iron-nitrosyl species in Fur [2].
  • The iron-bound form of Fur has proved difficult to obtain, and conflicting results have been published using Mn(II) as a probe for in vitro DNA-binding studies [9].
  • Ethylation interference experiments demonstrate that there are relatively few phosphate contacts of unique disposition while hydroxyl radical footprinting demonstrates that Fur-operator contacts are segregated on one face of the helix and span nearly three successive major grooves [15].
  • The mutant (UV14) was found to harbour two altered loci: one is in the trans-regulatory gene fnr (fumarate nitrate reduction) where leucine-129 was changed to glutamine (fnr14), and the second (sodA14) is in the promoter region (cis) of the sodA gene apparently affecting the binding of the Fur (ferric uptake regulation) protein [16].

Regulatory relationships of fur


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of fur


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