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Disease relevance of Sarcocystis


High impact information on Sarcocystis

  • Two monoclonal antibodies directed against a microneme antigen of Sarcocystis muris cyst merozoites (16/17 kDa band doublet) were used to isolate cDNA clones from a lambda ZAP expression library [6].
  • Partial sequences of the small subunit ribosomal RNA of four species of Sarcocystis were obtained by reverse transcription of total cellular RNA [7].
  • Based on electrophoresis, there appeared to be modification of at least some Sarcocystis polypeptides in the mol. wt range 17,000-30,000 [8].
  • Association with Sarcocystis suggests a new role for bFGF in the context of parasitic invasion and establishment [9].
  • A hydrophobic, galactose-specific lectin was isolated by means of affinity chromatography from Sarcocystis gigantea [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Sarcocystis


Anatomical context of Sarcocystis


Associations of Sarcocystis with chemical compounds


Gene context of Sarcocystis

  • Detection of Sarcocystis antigens in the sera of experimentally-infected pigs and mice by an immunoenzymatic assay [21].
  • Similar studies were done in laboratory rabbits inoculated with N caninum, T gondii, Hammondia hammondi, and Sarcocystis sp. Additionally, sera were obtained from ewes, lambs, goats, sows, cats, rats, and mice inoculated with N caninum tachyzoites [22].
  • Interferon-gamma knockout (IFN-gamma KO) mice were infected with Sarcocystis neurona merozoites to characterize the immunopathology associated with infection [23].
  • Plasma and tissue concentrations and molecular forms of somatostatin in calves infected with Sarcocystis cruzi [24].
  • Sarcocystis zoites were found in pepsin digests of 68.8% of 157 pigs from Hissar, Haryana [25].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Sarcocystis


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