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Asian Americans

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Disease relevance of Asian Americans

  • Ethnic-specific incidence rates of breast cancer in the migrating generation were clearly elevated above those in the countries of origin, while rates in Asian-Americans born in the West approximated the U.S. White rate [1].
  • CONCLUSIONS: The lower nicotine (and, therefore, tobacco smoke) intake per cigarette and the fewer cigarettes smoked per day, which may result, in part, from slower clearance of nicotine, may explain lower lung cancer rates in Chinese-Americans [2].
  • METHODS: Japanese-American men aged 40-85 years and native Japanese men aged 40-89 years with no history of prostate cancer provided sera, respectively, in the United States from March 1990 through March 1992 (n = 237) or in Japan from January 1992 through December 1993 (n = 3522) [3].
  • EBV, early antigen, and anti-diffuse titers of Chinese-American and black patients with NPC were higher than those of white patients with NPC [4].
  • Sudden death, impaired glucose tolerance, and diabetes in Japanese American men [5].

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Gene context of Asian Americans

  • All 14 were Asian-American (AA) variants and, of 11 sub-classified, 6 were AA-a and 5 AA-c. Two E1/E2-negative tumors also contained the AA-c variant, while the remaining HPV16-positive tumors contained only European variants [25].
  • In multivariate models, compared with Caucasian women, Asian Americans had 22% higher calculated free estradiol (P < 0.01), 31% lower SHBG (P < 0.01), and 25% higher free IGF-I (P < 0.01) levels [26].
  • These results demonstrate the presence of both genetic and environmental effects on CRP levels among Asian Americans, and additional studies are needed to determine if the APOE gene contributes to these genetic influences [27].
  • Recent epidemiological studies in Japanese-Americans and in Omagari area where HALP subjects with the intron 14 splicing defect of CETP gene are markedly frequent, have demonstrated an increased incidence of coronary atherosclerosis in CETP-deficient patients [28].
  • Insulin-receptor and apolipoprotein genes contribute to development of NIDDM in Chinese Americans [29].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Asian Americans


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