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Mexican Americans

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Disease relevance of Mexican Americans


Psychiatry related information on Mexican Americans


High impact information on Mexican Americans

  • A genome-wide screen for type 2 diabetes genes carried out in Mexican Americans localized a susceptibility gene, designated NIDDM1, to chromosome 2 [11].
  • The peak on chromosome 2 coincided with the region containing the gene (POMC) encoding pro-opiomelanocortin, a locus previously linked to leptin levels and fat mass in a Mexican-American population and shown to be mutated in obese humans [12].
  • We have screened the human genome for susceptibility genes for NIDDM using non-and quasi-parametric linkage analysis methods in a group of Mexican American affected sib pairs [2].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Estimates of prevalence of HFE mutations are within the expected range for non-Hispanic whites and blacks but the estimated prevalence of the C282Y mutation among Mexican-Americans is less than expected [13].
  • OBJECTIVE: To investigate differences in levels of serum cotinine in black, white, and Mexican American cigarette smokers in the US adult population [14].

Chemical compound and disease context of Mexican Americans


Biological context of Mexican Americans


Anatomical context of Mexican Americans


Associations of Mexican Americans with chemical compounds

  • In univariate analysis, factors associated with elevated ALT levels (P < 0.05) included younger age, male sex, Mexican-American ethnicity, and higher BMI, waist-to-hip circumference ratio (WHR), and fasting serum leptin, triglyceride, insulin, and glucose concentrations [29].
  • Immigration and lifetime prevalence of DSM-IV psychiatric disorders among Mexican Americans and non-Hispanic whites in the United States: results from the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions [30].
  • Therefore, we conducted a genomewide scan for susceptibility genes influencing plasma triglyceride (TG) levels in a Mexican American population [31].
  • Serum bilirubin levels are significantly higher in men (0.72 +/- 0.004) than in women (0.52 +/- 0.003 mg/dL) and are lower in non-Hispanic blacks (0.55 +/- 0.005 mg/dL) compared with non-Hispanic whites (0.63 +/- 0.004 mg/dL) and Mexican Americans (0.61 +/- 0.005 mg/dL) [32].
  • Incidence rates were higher among the Hispanic, Mexican-American, Pima, and Nauruan populations than among Caucasians [33].

Gene context of Mexican Americans


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Mexican Americans


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