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Task Performance and Analysis

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Disease relevance of Task Performance and Analysis


Psychiatry related information on Task Performance and Analysis


High impact information on Task Performance and Analysis

  • Transdermal nicotine replacement improved task performance in smokers and increased task-induced brain activation in the parietal cortex, thalamus, and caudate, while nicotine induced a generalized increase in occipital cortex activity [10].
  • We used a novel brain electrical imaging method to investigate rapid and continuous changes in brain activity during the continuous performance task (CPT) in normal boys and in boys with ADHD [11].
  • The brain metabolic patterns of clozapine- and fluphenazine-treated patients with schizophrenia during a continuous performance task [12].
  • Task-related neural activity in bilateral PFC showed a predicted pattern: an Emotion x Stimulus crossover interaction, with no main effects, with activity predicting task performance [13].
  • These findings suggest that cognitive activity can deplete extracellular glucose in the hippocampus and that exogenous glucose administration reverses the depletion while enhancing task performance [14].

Chemical compound and disease context of Task Performance and Analysis

  • During treatment with Lupron alone (i.e., with virtual absence of gonadal steroid hormones), there was marked attenuation of the typical Wisconsin Card Sorting Test activation pattern even though task performance did not change [15].
  • Interestingly, the increase in cortical activation during the working memory task in the hypodopaminergic state positively correlated with errors in task performance, and the increased activation in the cortical motor regions during the dopamine-replete state was positively correlated with improvement in motor function [16].
  • However, the combination of SIB-1508Y and levodopa/benserazide caused significant improvements in both cognition and motor aspects of task performance, and did so at one third to one sixth of the levodopa dose necessary to improve only motor function [17].
  • After stabilization on donepezil (5.7 +/- 1.7 weeks at 10 mg) patients showed increased frontal activity relative to unmedicated controls, which was positively correlated with improvement in task performance (r = 0.49, P = 0.05) as well as baseline hippocampal volume (r = 0.62, P < 0.05) [18].
  • Task performance accuracy diminished in the placebo group (P = 0.02), but remained constant in the raloxifene group (P = 0.60) [19].

Biological context of Task Performance and Analysis


Anatomical context of Task Performance and Analysis

  • They apply their model to neuroleptically treated schizophrenia patients who show improved task performance which they link to increased dopamine function and increased gain in the prefrontal cortex [25].
  • ERP correlates of computer-based Stroop task performance suggested a greater allocation of attention resources in the incongruent condition in both groups in the form of relatively greater negativity in the latency range 350 to 450 ms with a distribution consistent with the activation of the anterior cingulate gyrus [26].
  • We hypothesized that initial SEP amplitudes from cutaneous (sural nerve, SN) and muscle afferent (tibial nerve, TN) sources are dependent on the relevance of the specific afferent information to task performance [27].
  • Three of the four groups (treated and control adults and control old mice) did not differ from one another in task performance or neuron density in frontal cortex, cerebellum, dentate gyrus or CA1-2, CA3, CA4 hippocampal areas [28].

Gene context of Task Performance and Analysis


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Task Performance and Analysis


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