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Schilling Test

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Disease relevance of Schilling Test


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High impact information on Schilling Test

  • MEASUREMENTS: The modified Schilling test, gastric analysis, serum gastrin level, folate level, and cyanocobalamin level [7].
  • METHODS: Patients were evaluated for clinical history, physical, body composition, nutritional and malabsorptive studies including D-xylose, Schilling test, determinations of 24 h stool fat, weight and nitrogen, and 24 h urea nitrogen [8].
  • Discontinuation of biguanide treatment, or administration of antibiotics, normalized or improved the increased deconjugation of bile acids and the Schilling test [9].
  • Therefore, holo-TC II has been proposed variously as a marker of cobalamin adequacy, cobalamin absorption, or both, including even its advocacy as a surrogate Schilling test [10].
  • In all patients a [14C] glycocholic acid ([14C] G.C.A.) breath test and a "Dicopac" Schilling test were performed to assess terminal ileal function [11].

Chemical compound and disease context of Schilling Test

  • In three different groups of patients presenting severe folate deficiency (purely nutritional folate deficiency, chronic alcoholism or various intestinal diseases), vitamin B12 absorption has been tested by Schilling test in order to investigate the possible effect of folate deficiency on B12 absorption [12].

Biological context of Schilling Test


Anatomical context of Schilling Test


Associations of Schilling Test with chemical compounds

  • Gastrointestinal absorption was evaluated by D-xylose excretion and the Schilling test, as well as serum vitamin [18].
  • A Schilling test and red blood count were done, and serum levels of vitamin B12 and folic acid were determined [19].
  • However, the Schilling test and urinary methylmalonate excretion in this group were normal [20].
  • She had a positive Schilling test which became normal after steroid therapy in spite of persistence of intrinsic factor antibody and depression of serum complement levels [21].
  • Plasma lathosterol levels were significantly elevated in patients with bile acid malabsorption (742 +/- 84 micrograms/ml compared with 400 +/- 59 micrograms/ml in control subjects) and correlated closely with faecal bile acid levels (r = 0.779, P < 0.001), with 75SeHCAT T1/2 (r = -0.524, P < 0.05) and with Schilling test (r = -0.591, P < 0.05) [22].

Gene context of Schilling Test


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Schilling Test


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